Taking Your Hair from Good Enough to Fabulous

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By  | April 26, 2022

I had the accidental to beryllium down with Nina Grullon, Master Colorist, and proprietor of the 5th Ave Hair Studio. Nina is simply a beauteous and elegant woman who is precise experienced erstwhile it comes to achieving beauteous hairsbreadth nary substance the benignant of hairsbreadth oregon extremity a lawsuit has. I was capable to ticker Nina successful enactment and spot however her passionateness and assurance comes done portion moving connected her client’s passim the day.

Social Lifestyle: Please stock your inheritance with us?
Nina: I’m from Georgia and I moved to the United States implicit 20 years ago. Shortly aft moving to the states, I decided to spell to schoolhouse and get licensed for doing hair. 

Social Lifestyle: How did you cognize coloring was a passionateness of yours?
Nina: Since I was a young girl, I had a passionateness for hair. I utilized to walk my clip doing my friends hairsbreadth erstwhile I was successful precocious school.

Social Lifestyle: When did you commencement the 5th Avenue Hair Studio?
Nina: I started the 5th Avenue Hair Studio successful September of 2014. I’m truthful grateful that I was capable to unfastened my workplace and bash what I emotion each day!

Social Lifestyle: Tell america astir the services you connection and your enactment environment.
Nina: Though we are similar galore salons, our absorption is connected colour and hairsbreadth extensions, which are specialized services that we are known champion for with our clients. 

As stylists, we ever emotion to enactment successful a peaceful situation which is what our clients crave arsenic well. The 5th Ave Hair Studio squad is present to supply exceptional services whether it beryllium with hairsbreadth oregon elemental lawsuit care. This salon dynamic makes america basal retired from our competitors. 

Social Lifestyle: Tell america astir hairsbreadth extensions.

Nina: Hair extensions person ever been a large mode to springiness our clients an exceptional transformation. As outpouring and summertime are approaching, we don’t spot our clients straying distant from them. We usage a method truthful item oriented that mimics the maturation of earthy hairsbreadth which creates a perfectly blended finish. We person explored galore methods and recovered that keratin nano capsules are the mode to go. We besides usage virgin hairsbreadth which allows our clients to research freely with their color. 

Social Lifestyle: Spring is here.  Any caller trends our readers should beryllium alert of? 

Nina: Shag haircuts look to beryllium the item this twelvemonth and adding a bang whether it beryllium a broadside swept, asymmetrical oregon a curtain bang is what is giving our clients the caller trendy look. As acold arsenic color, we are adding a small much warmth than what we person seen the past mates of years, which is refreshing aft each the ashy tones we been focusing on. Keeping it earthy and debased attraction is the focus. 

Social Lifestyle: Let’s speech astir however the hairsbreadth changes arsenic radical age.
Nina: Age does play a large rotation for galore of us, but I person to accidental that conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic we person our younger clients locomotion retired with manner colors pursuing the latest trends, we person our older clients doing the same. I judge determination is nary close oregon wrong. Some radical judge that you indispensable chopped your hairsbreadth ace short, person it acheronian oregon blonde and support it simple, but it’s your hair. You bash what feels close for you! 

Social Lifestyle: Women successful their 40’s and 50’s usually similar to bent onto their agelong locks. Any proposal connected however they should support their hair?
Nina: There is nary large concealed to steadfast hair. Simply support a bully haircare routine, brushwood it, braid it, and dainty it similar gold. 

Social Lifestyle: What is your favourite portion astir the quality business?
Nina: I emotion interacting with radical and making radical consciousness better. I marque my clients a precedence and marque definite they look and consciousness their champion aft leaving my chair.

Social Lifestyle: We announcement that you usage the ORIBE enactment which happens to beryllium our favorite. What is your crushed that you transportation that line compared to the galore that are connected the market?
Nina: I emotion the prime of their products. I’ve been utilizing ORIBE since it became disposable connected the market. They are 1 of the champion luxury haircare brands connected the market. Every merchandise does precisely what it is advertised to do. You tin merchantability their products with assurance knowing that it volition present the champion results.

Social Lifestyle: Tell america a small thing that your clients don’t cognize astir you.
Nina: I studied successful Georgia and majored successful concern which has helped maine unfastened and tally my concern present successful New York. 

Social Lifestyle: What makes you basal retired from your competitors?
Nina: One of my biggest strengths is my attraction to detail. Over the years, I person besides worked amongst immoderate of the champion stylist successful New York, which has helped maine with my semipermanent success. I’m beyond grateful for this!

Social Lifestyle: What proposal would you springiness those who privation to get into the business?
Nina: You indispensable beryllium dedicated and ne'er springiness up. If you enactment successful the effort and time, it volition wage off. Love what you do, and you volition ne'er enactment a time successful your life!

To publication an appointment: (718) 439-4909.