Take notes, DeJoy – Svalbard Post goes all electric in -20ºC weather

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Posten Norge, the Norwegian postal service, has enactment into work a 19-ton all-electric transportation motortruck from Scania connected the distant Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, arsenic reported by Teknisk Ukeblad. This motortruck means Posten’s transportation fleet connected Svalbard present consists solely of electrical vehicles.

The caller motortruck volition work the station bureau successful Longyearbyen, the world’s Northernmost quality colony of implicit 1,000 people. Longyearbyen has frigid upwind twelvemonth round. The mean debased somesthesia lone goes supra zero degrees Celsius successful the mediate of summer, and mean precocious temperatures enactment antagonistic from October done May.

Cold upwind is often brought up arsenic a hindrance to EV adoption since electrical car batteries person reduced show successful acold weather. But successful acold and EV-obsessed Norway, wherever 83% of caller cars were all-electric past month, acold has not slowed EV adoption astatine all, even wrong the Arctic Circle. The state has been the fastest successful the satellite to uptake electrical vehicles, targeting a 2025 extremity of caller state car income – which it’s connected inclination to conscionable earlier than anticipated.

Posten Norge had been investigating their caller 19-ton electrical motortruck astir the country. It began successful Østlandet, the portion that includes Norway’s superior Oslo, a little rugged and much temperate portion of the country. Then the motortruck was tested successful Tromsø, successful the distant North wrong the Arctic circle. Only aft those mainland tests was it moved to Svalbard, and aft investigating there, Posten has decided that it volition stay successful work there.

So far, the motortruck has proven its capabilities successful temperatures arsenic debased arsenic -20ºC (-7ºF).

Posten Norge’s property manager, Kenneth Tjøndall Pettersen, underlined the truck’s rugged upwind capabilities: “If you tin get it connected Svalbard, you tin astir apt get it anywhere.”

It’s not each cleanable yet, though. Longyearbyen’s energy is generated done ember – a opposition with the remainder of Norway’s electricity, which is 97% hydroelectric. Despite ember and lipid being soiled and costly ways to make electricity, they bash person advantages successful presumption of portability, which are adjuvant for highly distant areas similar Svalbard.

Svalbard plans to signifier retired ember powerfulness successful 2023, and all-electric trucks volition beryllium acceptable to instrumentality immoderate energy they’re provided. This is 1 of the advantages of EVs – they are energy-agnostic, truthful arsenic grid procreation cleans up, an EV volition request nary upgrades oregon retrofits to instrumentality vantage of caller procreation methods.

As for the remainder of Norway, the state has already been converting transportation vehicles to electrical starting astir a twelvemonth ago. They presently person 65 dense work electrical transportation trucks connected bid and 5 successful work already, with 37% of Posten’s vehicles moving (including smaller transportation vans) connected non-fossil powertrains arsenic of the commencement of this year. By 2030, the extremity is for 100% of transportation vans and 80% of trucks connected the roadworthy to beryllium fossil-free – not conscionable caller acquisitions, but in-service vehicles arsenic well.

Electrek’s Take

As the header suggests, our instrumentality present is that USPS and corrupt postmaster DeJoy could larn from Posten Norge. USPS is presently refreshing their aging transportation fleet but has fixed tons of excuses for wherefore they can’t spell all-EV, readying for only 20% of Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs) to beryllium each electric.

USPS’s existent transportation vehicle, the Grumman LLV, was enactment into work starting successful 1987, 35 years ago. This means if the NGDV lasts arsenic agelong arsenic the LLV did, USPS volition inactive person state guzzlers connected the roadworthy successful 2057, which does not look peculiarly ambitious compared to Norway’s 2030 100% EV extremity for in-service transportation vans.

But you know, the United States is different! We’ve got a batch of distant places, with acold weather, and surely EV transportation vehicles conscionable aren’t susceptible of servicing those areas! We person to hold until the exertion develops more!

Oh wait. But Svalbard’s postal work is 100% electric. Now. In 2022. So … adjacent excuse?

To beryllium fair, transportation services successful Svalbard bash not person peculiarly agelong distances to drive. This vehicle’s superior way volition beryllium betwixt the Svalbard airdrome and Post office, a way that is nether 10km.

USPS does assertion that EVs aren’t capable to bash their longest routes, but the USPS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) stated that longer routes are successful information the champion to electrify since they volition effect successful the highest energy-cost savings. There are surely immoderate routes for which existent electrical tech isn’t rather suitable, but those routes are connected the bid of 10-20% of routes, not the 80% the bureau presently claims.

So, USPS needs to instrumentality absorption from Norway and different countries, similar Germany, that person been implementing electrical transportation vehicles, arsenic noted successful the OIG’s report.

But primarily, what this communicative does is show, erstwhile again, that EVs are surely susceptible successful utmost environments – of which Svalbard is 1 of the much utmost connected Earth. If you tin get it successful Svalbard, you tin astir apt get it anywhere.

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