Swedish electric motorcycle maker CAKE launches three new bikes for young riders

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CAKE’s caller Ready, Steady, Go enactment of bikes has conscionable launched today, ushering successful 3 caller models of two-wheelers to assistance kids physique two-wheeler skills from a young age. 

The lineup consists of the the CAKE Ready, a 12” equilibrium bike, the CAKE Steady, a 16” azygous velocity pedal bike, and the CAKE Go, a afloat electrical pint-sized electrical ungraded bike.

It’s the CAKE Ready that fooled galore successful the manufacture (including us, admittedly), into reasoning that CAKE was rolling retired a full-size electrical bicycle after the institution released a teaser representation past week showing the 2 guardant framework members. 

I should person realized from the space of the apical and downtube was excessively acute for a emblematic motorcycle framework oregon adjacent a BMX frame. Now that we tin spot the full geometry, it is evident that the tiny framework is designed for the youngest riders, with CAKE claiming an property scope of 18 months to 4 years old.

The aluminum framework decidedly carry’s CAKE’s plan bequest forward, albeit successful a smaller signifier factor. The grey framework on with the achromatic anodized bars and stem are combined with CAKE achromatic grips and saddle. At €225 (approximately US $244), this isn’t the cheapest equilibrium motorcycle retired there, but it definite is the cheapest CAKE motorcycle connected the market.

Not to beryllium outdone, the CAKE Steady ups the ante implicit the CAKE Ready, adding pedals and a larger frame/wheelset to instrumentality kids adjacent further aft they’ve mastered the balancing skills required for riding a two-wheeler – the CAKE Steady is designed for kids aged 3.5 to 7 years old, featuring a single-speed setup with a rear escaped hub and a brace V brakes with abbreviated scope levers for tiny hands. 

There’s nary suspension, but the €400 (approximately US $430) motorcycle should get kids much utilized to a pedal two-wheeler successful mentation for riding larger off-road bikes and ungraded bikes.

Once kids are assured connected the CAKE Steady, there’s 1 much arrow successful this quiver for them – and it looks similar the astir amusive of all.

The CAKE Go is the archetypal afloat electrical kids motorcycle from the Swedish motorbike maker, and this is wherever the powerfulness truly ratchets up. The small-format electrical ungraded motorcycle is designed for riders starting from six years old. It features a parent-controllable velocity of up to 40 km/h (25 mph) that tin beryllium tuned arsenic the kid gains assurance and demonstrates the quality to power the higher powerfulness ride.

The CAKE Go weighs 32 kg (70 lb) with the included 48V 8.8Ah artillery that CAKE says should springiness 1 hr of tally time, and the motorcycle tin beryllium tuned from 600W to 1,500W of power. 

Braking comes from a brace of hydraulic disc brakes. The 95mm question beforehand fork is besides hydraulic, portion the rear suspension includes a state daze providing a instrumentality question of 125 mm.

The beforehand rim is 14”x1.60” moto wheel, portion the rear is simply a 12” x 1.85”. Both deterioration Michelin tires.

Priced astatine €3,500 (approximately US $3,800) including €500 successful VAT, the CAKE Go volition lone necessitate a €200 down outgo to reserve 1 for your ain kid and go the coolest genitor connected the block.

While the thought of a motorcycle institution moving towards kids bikes mightiness dependable unusual astatine first, this isn’t a caller concept. Harley-Davidson bought up StaCyc respective years ago to bring an electrical equilibrium motorcycle into its portfolio. The determination turned retired to beryllium highly profitable, netting the institution tens of millions of dollars and helping to importantly pad its electrical conveyance sales.

Electric motorcycle institution SUPER73, who precocious unveiled its ain electrical motorcycle, also unveiled kids e-bikes successful the aforesaid event.

Getting riders started earlier and processing that marque loyalty – some among tiny riders and their parents – is proving to beryllium a fashionable determination successful the two-wheeler industry.

What bash you deliberation astir CAKE’s caller bikes for young riders? Let’s perceive your thoughts successful the comments conception below!

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