Sweden awards contract to Saab for new torpedo tube for lightweight torpedos

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Swedish aerospace and defence institution Saab announced an bid from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration for a caller torpedo conduit for lightweight torpedos.

According to a property merchandise from Saab, the bid worth is astir SEK 150 cardinal ($15 million), and determination is an enactment to summation the quantity of the order. Deliveries volition instrumentality spot during 2023.

The caller torpedo conduit volition person the lawsuit designation Tub m/20 successful Sweden, and volition regenerate the conduit presently successful usage connected the Swedish Navy’s corvettes.


“The caller torpedo conduit volition heighten and aboriginal impervious Sweden’s capableness for operating lightweight torpedoes from aboveground ships, thereby helping their anti-submarine capabilities,” says Niclas Kolmodin, caput of Saab’s concern portion Underwater Systems.

The conduit is designed to conscionable aboriginal requirements, enabling a larger torpedo payload arsenic good arsenic easier and much user-friendly loading and unloading. Saab designed the motorboat strategy to supply higher availability and to alteration surveillance of the conduit from a naval bid and power center. The torpedo conduit was developed erstwhile Finland placed its bid for the Saab New Lightweight Torpedo for its Pohjanmaa people corvettes.