Swansea and Bristol City announce they will no longer take the knee

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Bristol City v Swansea City – Sky Bet Championship – Ashton Gate
(Image credit: Nick Potts)

Swansea and Bristol City person announced they volition nary longer instrumentality the genu earlier games this season.

Both Championship sides, who person adopted the anti-racism motion since it came into the English crippled successful June 2020, stressed they stay committed to warring discrimination.

The Swansea squad and coaching staff, who sojourn Rotherham successful their play opener connected Saturday, said successful a statement: “Following discussions arsenic a group, we person collectively decided to nary longer instrumentality the genu anterior to fixtures during the 2022-23 season.

📝 Club connection issued connected behalf of Swansea City’s first-team squad and coaching staff.— Swansea City AFC (@SwansOfficial) July 29, 2022

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“This is not a determination that has been taken lightly, and successful nary mode reflects immoderate diminishing of our content that favoritism of immoderate quality is abhorrent and has nary spot successful shot oregon society. We stay firmly successful enactment of what taking the genu stands for and represents.

“Taking the genu has undoubtedly helped to rise consciousness and promote conversations astir however to region racism from the crippled we each love.

“Should immoderate absorption broadside instrumentality the genu earlier a crippled this season, past we volition enactment up and applaud them, due to the fact that we perfectly enactment the sentiment down it.

“But we consciousness we privation to instrumentality work arsenic a radical and find alternate ways to amusement our committedness to inclusion and diversity, and we consciousness that needs to tally deeper than taking the genu each clip we play.

“We privation to enactment to beryllium a unit for positive, substantive change.”

Bristol City, who caput to Hull, said: “We person taken the genu astatine each crippled we person played since June 2020 arsenic an important stance of solidarity successful the combat against each forms of discrimination.

“That conflict indispensable proceed each time successful however we each behave and lend to nine and we volition applaud absorption teams who instrumentality the genu and rise consciousness portion ensuring that we person a zero-tolerance attack to hatred and abuse.

“Everyone tin marque a difference, from individuals done to governing bodies and societal media companies, whom we impulse to usage the powerfulness of their planetary systems to assistance bring online maltreatment to an end.

“We are blessed with diverseness and quality wrong our squad and wrong the large metropolis of Bristol and we volition proceed to observe that affluent substance of contention and culture.”

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