Swamp Rat Mitch McConnell Said He Was “Exhilarated” on Jan 6 that President Trump “Had Finally Tarnished His Reputation”

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The 1 question that each politicians moving for US Senate should beryllium asked is – whether they basal with President Trump oregon Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell has shown his existent colors.  They’re not pretty.

According to a caller book, “This Will Not Pass,” by Jonathan Martin, backmost connected Jan 6 McConnell wasn’t acrophobic astir the well-being of Trump supporters.  McConnell wasn’t acrophobic astir the well-being of the Capitol police.   McConnell wasn’t acrophobic astir the well-being of President Trump oregon his family.

McConnell wasn’t questioning who was down the riots astatine the Capitol – helium was seemingly definite oregon was sharing that helium was definite that President Trump was down the riots.  McConnell didn’t question wherefore Pelosi prevented the subject from being stationed astatine the Capitol aft President Trump requested that they beryllium sent determination days earlier his speech.

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McConnell wasn’t acrophobic astir the 4 dormant Trump supporters.  McConnell to this time isn’t acrophobic astir the men locked up successful the DC Gulag for implicit a twelvemonth for constitutionally protesting a stolen election.  McConnell doesn’t attraction that the predetermination was stolen.

In a caller publication McConnell’s actions connected Jan 6 were uncovered.

In the hours aft supporters of Donald Trump laid siege to the U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021, House Republican Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly said helium was “exhilarated” that the then-president had yet tarnished his reputation.

“I consciousness exhilarated by the information that this chap finally, wholly discredited himself,” McConnell told Jonathan Martin, a New York Times newsman who elaborate the speech successful a caller book, “This Will Not Pass.” Excerpts of the publication were obtained and reported on by The Washington Post on Monday.

“He enactment a weapon to his caput and pulled the trigger,” the Kentucky Republican reportedly told Martin astatine the U.S. Capitol successful the aboriginal hours of Jan. 7. “Couldn’t person happened astatine a amended time.”

He besides asked the governmental analogous for quality connected whether the Cabinet and vice president mightiness considering removing Trump from bureau utilizing provisions of the 25th Amendment, according to the book.

McConnell past reportedly told Martin helium had spoken to Democratic leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), astir releasing a associated connection telling Trump not to be President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

McConnell and the Deep State and corrupt politicians and actors successful the authorities were successful connected it.  McConnell was moving with Pelosi and Schumer and not the President of the United States oregon the radical of the United States that gave President Trump the largest fig of morganatic votes successful US history.

McConnell had nary problems with the 2020 Election being stolen.  On Jan 6, McConnell had 1 extremity – to extremity the governmental vocation of President Trump and punish Trump if helium could.

McConnell and his cronies connected some sides of the aisle didn’t similar that idiosyncratic was coming to DC to cleanable up the swamp. They similar it conscionable the mode it is.

Anyone who supports McConnell and the corrupt Democrats should beryllium removed from office… period.