Supreme Court justices get increased security after Roe v. Wade draft opinion leak

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Supreme Court faces threats implicit leaked draught

Supreme Court faces threats implicit leaked termination draft 03:03

The Supreme Court is nether lockdown with eight-foot fencing astir the building, each introduction points blocked to vehicles and much officers connected patrol. It's a country reminiscent of what Washington, D.C., looked similar aft the January 6 onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol

CBS News has learned the 9 Supreme Court justices person been fixed other information since wide threats of unit against the justices person accrued aft a draught bulk sentiment suggesting the precocious tribunal would overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked and published by Politico. The justices' location locations person been shared online and they're receiving much targeted idiosyncratic telephone threats. 

Justice Samuel Alito, writer of the draught bulk opinion, canceled a scheduled quality Thursday successful Nashville, and the different justices are besides cutting backmost connected nationalist events. 

"The hazard is real. The U.S. Marshals Service is determination to supply extortion for judges successful the national judiciary, but it's not enough," Republican Sen. John Cornyn said. 

On Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts addressed the leak, calling it "absolutely appalling" and called the leaker "foolish." The Supreme Court has confirmed the authenticity of the draught opinion, but said it "does not correspond a determination by the tribunal oregon the last presumption of immoderate subordinate connected the issues successful the case." 

While protests person been mostly peaceful truthful far, determination is increasing interest astir imaginable unit starring up to the authoritative ruling. Crowds astatine the Supreme Court are expected to turn successful the days and weeks ahead. 

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Ed O'Keefe

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