SUPERCUT: As Democrats’ Prospects in the 2022 Midterms Continue to Wane – Party Leaders Preach Violence Against Americans (VIDEO)

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It is becoming much and much evident that adjacent the fake quality media volition not beryllium capable to tally screen for the Democrats arsenic the November predetermination approaches.

More Americans than ever are alert of the Democrat crippled to destruct the country.

Joe Biden is the worst president successful US history.

** Inflation is astatine 40 YEAR HIGHS — and it is NOT receding!
** Gas Prices are the highest they person ever been nether Joe Biden — And this is simply a nonstop effect of his anti-energy policies.
** Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and equipped them with $80 cardinal successful US arms – Including 600,000 weapons and 200 aircraft!
** The Biden authorities KNEW determination was an Islamist bomber successful the assemblage astatine the Kabul Airport but did nothing. This outgo 13 young American lives!
** The Islamist bomber was released from Bagram situation aft Joe Biden abandoned the important US asset.
** Joe Biden declared unfastened warfare connected his governmental opposition.
** Joe Biden and his Stasi FBI are raiding homes of governmental opponents connected misdemeanor charges.
** Joe Biden opened the borderline to 2 cardinal amerciable aliens this year!
** Joe Biden allowed tons of amerciable drugs introduction into the state via the unfastened borderline causing implicit 100,000 yearly deaths!
** Joe Biden pushed the US system into recession successful 18 abbreviated months and it’s astir to get worse.
** Joe Biden’s overseas argumentation is going to destruct Europe and could motorboat a atomic warfare with Russia.

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The lone happening Democrats person going for them is the fraud. They tin ever number connected millions of amerciable votes to pad the margins.

This makes Democrats precise angry.

And Democrats and Joe Biden are present openly calling for unit against the American people.
As if their policies were not convulsive enough!

Via Tom Elliott.


With midterms’ prospects sagging, Dems preach unit

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 27, 2022

God prevention america from these wicked people.