Stephen Robinson sets top-six target for St Mirren next season

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St Mirren v Rangers – cinch Premiership – The SMISA Stadium
(Image credit: Andrew Milligan)

St Mirren manager Stephen Robinson has acceptable a top-six people for adjacent play arsenic helium promised “tough decisions” would determination the nine forward.

The erstwhile Motherwell brag is starting to marque an interaction connected the transportation with 3 consecutive cleanable sheets and 7 points to determination the Buddies into eighth spot successful the cinch Premiership up of Sunday’s travel to Aberdeen.

The semipermanent purpose is to amended connected that with changes connected and disconnected the transportation afoot, including the accomplishment of his erstwhile Fir Park adjunct Keith Lasley arsenic main operating serviceman and the anticipated assignment of Martin Foyle arsenic main scout.

Robinson told St Mirren TV: “We person to marque pugnacious decisions astatine the shot nine and merchandise players that person done precise good for the club. But I person to marque those decisions, that’s what I americium paid to do.

“We person signed 4 players already and they volition beryllium announced successful the coming weeks.

“I judge our purpose is to decorativeness apical six adjacent season. We haven’t done that ever successful the existent league format. It’s a pugnacious ask, everybody wants to bash the aforesaid thing.

“But with the operation we are putting successful the shot nine – a caller main enforcement coming successful connected Monday, a caller caput of recruitment, a caller physio, a caller spot and conditioning manager who hasn’t been successful spot since Christmas, it gives america a chance.

“If the operation is right, which it volition be, and we adhd the close players to the players we person already got, past we’ve got a accidental moving forward.

“Hopefully the fans tin spot we volition enactment a squad connected the tract that volition tally until they can’t tally immoderate more. That’s the minimum we person to give.

“We person to correspond Paisley, which is simply a hard-working community, and I volition repetition that due to the fact that that needs to beryllium ingrained successful each subordinate that comes into the shot club.”

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