STAY AWAY: DeSantis Warns That Democrats Fleeing California “Dumpster Fire” Will Move to Florida and Attempt to Ruin State with Leftist Policies

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As the wide exodus of citizens and businesses fleeing Blue areas continues, Red states crossed the federation are bracing for a monolithic influx of caller radical who are seeking to flight the leftist policies that democrats person utilized to marque large cities crossed the United States practically unlivable. Thanks to the jaw-dropping spike successful transgression and authoritarian nationalist wellness measures, among different arbitrary nonsense and ‘big government’ interference, millions person fled leftist-controlled areas successful favour of the freer, reddish areas.

And the wide migration is lone intensifying. Californians supra each others, however, are packing their bags en masse and fleeing the authorities for redder pastures.

Two of the astir fashionable destinations for these ex-Californians are the blimpish strongholds of Florida and Texas. The 2 states person each seen hundreds of thousands of newcomers implicit the past twelvemonth and a half, which has immoderate radical successful those states rightfully acrophobic astir what follows – including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

After all, everything that leftists get progressive with turns to crap, arsenic has been proven repeatedly.

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At an event connected Monday, DeSantis blasted California cities, similar San Francisco, for being implicit “dumpster fires” and pointed to cities similar Austin, Texas, which has go progressively blue, arsenic an illustration of what happens erstwhile Californians invade and import their destructive wide policies.

From DeSantis:

“There is origin for concern. Texas would person each these companies moved from California implicit the years. So you’d person companies determination from San Francisco to Austin, and they’d bring hundreds of employees with them. And those employees would ballot the nonstop aforesaid mode they voted that turned San Francisco into the dumpster occurrence that it is.”

According to DeSantis, Democrats – particularly California Democrats –  haven’t proved that they are capable to link the dots betwixt the leftist policies they ballot for and the demolition that is near successful their aftermath erstwhile they are implemented. Even though Californians are fleeing the hollowed-out ammunition that was formerly known arsenic the Golden State, wherever liberals person gotten their mode for decades – and they are choosing to relocate into a Red country – a ample fig of them volition proceed bending the genu astatine the altar of wokeism.

DeSantis continued:

“It’s similar the leftism, they volition not gully the transportation betwixt their leftist ideology and the demolition that’s each astir them,” DeSantis said. “It is simply a occupation due to the fact that I bash deliberation there’s a people of voters who would travel to Florida, and they would proceed to ballot the aforesaid way.” 


ICYMI: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) calls San Francisco a “dumpster fire” and expresses interest astir Democrats moving to Florida:

“It is simply a occupation due to the fact that I bash deliberation there’s a people of voters who would travel to Florida, and they would proceed to ballot the aforesaid way.”

— The Recount (@therecount) April 25, 2022

In short, you libs don’t person to enactment home, but you definite arsenic hellhole shouldn’t travel to Florida – oregon immoderate different Red country for that matter. Surely determination is room, and they are woke enough, successful Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago oregon immoderate such.