Spanish warships to receive stealth anti-ship missiles

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Norwegian steadfast Kongsberg said that Spain has selected Naval Strike Missile to equip its warships.

Kongsberg released a connection saying that “the Spanish Navy volition get the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) to regenerate the Harpoon rocket erstwhile this is retired from progressive service.”

The Spanish Navy plans to equip some the existing F-100 and the caller F-110 with NSM. Additional accusation volition beryllium announced erstwhile the declaration is awarded.


Kongsberg cannot supply immoderate further remark connected the imaginable size of this contract.

The NSM is simply a long-range, precision onslaught limb that features captious stealth exertion and is designed to find and destruct force ships.

Kongsberg says the airframe plan and the precocious thrust-to-weight ratio springiness the NSM highly bully maneuverability. The rocket is wholly passive, has proven its fantabulous sea-skimming capabilities and with its precocious terminal maneuvers, it volition past the force aerial defenses. The Autonomous Target Recognition (ATR) of the seeker ensures that the close people is detected, recognized and hit, astatine oversea oregon connected land.