Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte Reveals the Real Reason for Her and Craig Conover's Finale Fight

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Southern Charm's play 8 finale pits Leva Bonaparte and Craig Conover against each other—but why? Hear Leva explicate her broadside of the communicative successful E! News' exclusive interview.

Southern Charm's Leva Teases Hook Ups & Broken Friendships

A Southern Charm showdown is connected the horizon.

The trailer for the Bravo series' Sept. 29 play finale teased a blowup betwixt Craig Conover and Leva Bonaparte, and she gave E! News an exclusive sneak peek of what's to come. "I deliberation the finale is simply a big culmination of a batch of things that the spectator sees—some of it; they don't spot each of it," Leva said. "There's conscionable a batch of worldly stewing."

Namely, the hostility betwixt Craig and his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo. "I've had a relationship with Craig for implicit a decade," Leva explained. "And Naomie threw my babe shower. I got that adjacent to Naomie erstwhile she was dating Craig. It's a very, precise existent friendship."

Suffice to say, she present "innately gets interwoven" successful their drama. However, there's nary mistaking which broadside of the obstruction she falls connected erstwhile Craig starts name-calling and yelling astatine Naomie, which he's done respective times this season. 

"I don't similar to beryllium screamed astatine and I surely americium not good erstwhile a woman of excavation is being screamed astatine by her ex," Leva said. "I deliberation immoderate miss successful that presumption benignant of goes backmost into a signifier like, 'He's yelling astatine me. I'm conscionable gonna beryllium quiescent and hold for it to spell away.' But arsenic a girlfriend, you get protective due to the fact that you've been determination for each of it."

And portion she wanted to springiness Craig—who she said was "managing a batch of emotions" astatine the time—the payment of the doubt, she had reached a breaking constituent by the time the radical was filming the finale during his Sewing Down South vacation party. As Leva enactment it, "I was conscionable like, 'I ain't your girlfriend. I don't cognize who you deliberation you tin speech to that way, but it's not me.' I had a small spot of capable astatine that point."

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If that sounds dramatic, conscionable hold 'til you perceive what she had to accidental astir the reunion. "It volition genuinely beryllium the rawest reunion," Leva teased. "Last twelvemonth determination were a batch jaw-dropping moments but this year, it's conscionable a batch of big feelings. There's a batch of wounded and things that request to beryllium mended. We were conscionable each crying. It was a batch of friends that were wounded and partners that are hurt."

That's not to accidental determination weren't a fewer surprises. Added Leva, "Even I was shocked by things with radical that I'm precise adjacent friends with." 

Southern Charm airs Thursdays astatine 9 p.m. connected Bravo.

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