Sorry, Parents: Baby Shark Is Getting Its Own Movie

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Plug your ears, there's a Baby Shark movie coming.

The massively popular—and surely divisive!—YouTube video and consequent deed preschool bid is coming to Paramount+ successful the signifier of animated movie Baby Shark's Big Movie!, hitting the streamer successful precocious 2023.

"In Baby Shark's Big Movie, Baby Shark is forced to permission the satellite helium loves down aft his family's determination to the large city, and indispensable set to his caller beingness without his champion friend, William," according to Paramount+. "When Baby Shark encounters an evil popular starfish named Stariana who plans to bargain his acquisition of opus successful bid to predominate each underwater music, helium indispensable interruption her spell to reconstruct harmony to the seas."

Parents, you've been warned.

In 2015, South Korean-based children's acquisition marque Pinkfong launched their Baby Shark video connected YouTube. It yet became the archetypal video to deed 10 cardinal views connected the site, making it the most-viewed video successful YouTube history.

It presently has much than 11 cardinal views, implicit 3 cardinal much than the video successful 2nd place, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's video for "Despacito."

The opus adjacent deed #32 connected the Billboard Hot 100 and spawned the viral improvement #BabySharkChallenge—not that anybody who has been astir a kid successful the past 5 years needs to beryllium reminded. 

The occurrence of the video and opus led to a Nickelodeon animated series, Baby Shark's Big Show!, which premiered successful 2021 and was precocious picked up for a 2nd season.


Baby Shark's Big Movie! is expected to deed Paramount+ astir the holidays successful 2023. You person until past to banal up connected earplugs and wine.

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