Sobering Statistic: U.S. Gun Homicides Increased 35% in 2020

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May 10, 2022 – A study from the CDC has shown bleak caller information astir weapon unit successful the United States: Firearm murders accrued 35% successful 2020, reaching the highest level successful much than 25 years.

Firearm suicides besides remained precocious – successful 2020, 79% of each homicides and 53% of each suicides progressive firearms, according to a caller CDC Vital Signs study published Tuesday.

“As an exigency country physician, I've seen first-hand the symptom and disruption to families that firearms tin cause,” Debra E. Houry, MD, CDC’s acting main lawman director, said during a Tuesday quality conference. “These findings underscore the value of broad approaches that tin halt unit present and forestall aboriginal deaths.”

The study highlighted troubling racial, ethnic, and people disparities. Black radical saw the largest summation successful firearm homicides, astatine 39%, and firearm suicides were highest among American Indian and Alaska Native people, astatine 42%.

In addition, weapon homicide rates were 4.5 times higher successful counties with the highest poorness level than those with the lowest, and suicide rates were 1.3 times higher.

"Firearm homicide impacts everybody. We saw it spell up successful rural, tiny metro, and ample metro areas,” Houry said. “But it does person the highest impact, oregon the highest rates, successful those 10 to 44, who are young Black men and young Black children.”

Adolescents and young adults were besides overly affected, the study shows. Homicides accrued 40% among those ages 10-24.

Though the CDC recovered nary marked increases successful gun-inflicted suicides, the numbers person remained precocious –24,245 suicides involving firearms occurred successful 2020, compared to 19,350 firearm murders.

The CDC did not delve into the reasons down these numbers, but determination are respective imaginable factors – galore related to the pandemic, said Thomas R. Simon, PhD, subordinate manager for subject successful CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention.

“One imaginable mentation is stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic ... similar societal isolation, and economical stressors similar occupation loss,” Simon said.

He continued, “These stats person devastating effects connected families, schools, and full communities, and person lasting consequences connected america arsenic individuals and arsenic a society.”

The CDC has 18 gun-related probe projects underway, Houry said.

Anyone having suicidal thoughts tin telephone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline astatine 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255) to talk with a counselor.