Smell, Taste Loss Less Likely With Newer COVID Variants

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By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, May 11, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Since the aboriginal days of the pandemic, nonaccomplishment of odor and sensation person been tied to COVID-19 infection. But a caller survey shows those telltale traits are overmuch little apt with the Omicron variant than the earlier Alpha and Delta versions of the coronavirus.

The findings are important successful determining whether idiosyncratic has COVID-19, said pb survey writer Dr. Daniel Coelho. He is simply a prof astatine Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, successful Richmond.

"Loss of odor and sensation is inactive a bully indicator of a COVID-19 infection, but the reverse is nary longer true," Coelho said successful a assemblage quality release. "Do not deliberation you are COVID-negative conscionable due to the fact that your sense of smell and sensation is normal."

For the study, the researchers analyzed U.S. National Institutes of Health information connected much than 3.5 cardinal COVID-19 cases since the commencement of the pandemic. They pinpointed six-week periods wherever cases were highest for each variant studied, past compared however galore patients were diagnosed with odor and sensation nonaccomplishment successful these clip periods.

Rates of odor and sensation nonaccomplishment were 17% for Omicron, compared with 44% for Delta and 50% for Alpha, the investigators found.

The survey was published precocious successful the diary Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery.

"As the pandemic continues and caller variants emerge, this is precise bully quality for patients," Coelho said. "We present cognize that each variant has a antithetic hazard origin for associated odor and sensation loss, and person crushed to judge that newer variants are little apt to interaction odor and taste."

The impacts of the nonaccomplishment of odor and sensation are "not conscionable astir being capable to bask a good vessel of vino again; it's astir information and preserving your prime of life," Coelho noted.

Their probe shows that much than fractional of radical suffering from odor and sensation nonaccomplishment person reported feeling depressed, helium said. "Patients with odor nonaccomplishment besides person a higher complaint of dementia. Fewer radical experiencing these symptoms means less radical being impacted by temper changes and cognitive problems," helium explained.


The survey besides could assistance efforts to place what portion of the COVID-19 microorganism causes the nonaccomplishment of odor and taste.

"Unlocking what causes odor and sensation nonaccomplishment successful the archetypal spot volition assistance america amended find however to dainty it," Coelho said.

The survey authors present program to survey however betterment clip from odor and sensation nonaccomplishment varies among variants. They added that much probe is needed to find retired if vaccination presumption besides plays a relation successful little rates of odor loss.

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SOURCE: Virginia Commonwealth University, quality release, May 10, 2022