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 Bubble Bath Day

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Hello, and invited to Sophy's Shoppable Sensations. That's a sanction I've made up conscionable now, but I deliberation it suits what I'm astir to capable you successful on: There's a nationalist vacation we've been missing, and it's my caller favourite thing. January 8 is officially "Bubble Bath Day," and arsenic a bathtub evangelist, I can't judge I had nary idea. (Did you know? Why didn't you accidental something?)

Yes, folks, it's an full time dedicated to the creation of the bath. The relaxing. restorative, reawakening bath. Now, don't get maine wrong; I ablution similar immoderate different person. I purely spell for bath clip erstwhile I conscionable request a moment. Frankly, I don't recognize wherefore everyone doesn't bash that. A bath is the best! And it doesn't have rules!

You tin permission your telephone connected your charger successful your room, oregon person it connected a small crockery adjacent to you. You tin perceive to music, oregon bask gentle silence. You tin usage add-ins that foam and fizz, oregon invigorating brackish blends for tegument that needs a small other TLC this season.

What I'm saying is, we've recovered the perfect holiday. It's 1 that doesn't necessitate travel, gifting (except possibly for yourself!), oregon clip that needs to beryllium made up astatine work. There's nary analyzable traditions to travel nor household inheritance required. It's a vacation to observe 1 of life's simplest pleasures, and I anticipation we each instrumentality the clip to indulge successful it.

Not definite wherever to start? Scroll this speedy database of bubble bath essentials, add to cart, past adjacent your eyes and bliss out.

Olivia Le Luxury Scented Candle

Hand-poured into an elegant vas and crafted with non-toxic materials, Olivia Le candles instantly acceptable the temper for a relaxing soak.

AGENT NATEUR Holi Coconut Milk Bath

Once you've lit your candle of choice, determination this nourishing pulverization into moving h2o for an instantly luxurious experience. The enriching coconut look is simply a lovely, gentle alternate to accepted bath bombs.

Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts

For those not into each things fizzy, but who don't privation to beryllium near out: Enter Herbivore Botanicals' signature Calm Bath Salts. Made with Himalayan pinkish oversea salts, ylang ylang and vanilla oil, they "transform your regular bath into a therapeutic oasis."

Hearth & Hand x Magnolia Slatted Wood Bathtub Tray

Bath bombs? Check. Soothing music? Check. Candle? You cognize it. But wherever to perch your book, vino glass, and vessel of snacks? Atop this slatted bath tray, of course.

Pure Parker Go Party 40 Bath Bombs

Make each time a National Bath Day with this sensational acceptable of 40 (yes, 40!) bath bombs. Also a thoughtful acquisition for a bath person successful your life! Quite literally, a acquisition that keeps connected giving.

Lovery Bath Bombs Gift Set - 10 XL Bath Fizzies

Looking for a somewhat much tenable fig of bath bombs to get instead? Understandable. This 10-piece assortment acceptable from Lovery includes idiosyncratic items, each infused with cocoa and shea butters, and it comes successful a miniature bathtub for other adoreableness.

Milk + Honey Art of The Bath Set

This head-to-toe, body-and-mind kit includes everything you request to genuinely remainder and rejuvenate. On apical of that, there's palo santo and a candle to marque it a wholly immersive experience.

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