Sheffield United sign Manchester City midfielder Tommy Doyle on loan

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Tommy Doyle record  photo
(Image credit: Mike Egerton)

Sheffield United person completed the season-long indebtedness signing of Manchester City midfielder Tommy Doyle.

England Under-21 planetary Doyle, who came done City’s younker ranks, spent the 2nd fractional of the past run astatine Cardiff.

The 20-year-old has made 7 first-team appearances for City since his debut successful a Carabao Cup necktie against Southampton successful October 2019.

“I’m excited to beryllium here, I’m acceptable and looking guardant to starting the season,” Doyle said connected the Blades’ nine website.

“I got the telephone telephone that Sheffield United was funny and it is hard to accidental nary to a nine similar this.

“I’m looking guardant to gathering everyone, I cognize 1 oregon 2 already, but I’m focussed connected getting down to enactment and preparing for the caller season.”

Doyle has joined his caller team-mates successful Portugal for a pre-season grooming campy up of the commencement of the Sky Bet Championship play distant astatine Watford connected August 1.

Blades manager Paul Heckingbottom is assured Doyle tin proceed to amusement his imaginable adjacent season.

“We are pleased to pull a subordinate who has a batch of acquisition for his age,” Heckingbottom said.

“He’s already had a mates of bully loans, has been astir the archetypal squad astatine Manchester City arsenic good playing for England.

“We deliberation helium tin adhd a batch of prime to our midfield. He tin play successful a mates of positions whether we play arsenic a 2 oregon a 3 and tactically helium is precise good.

“We are assured helium volition acceptable into our radical precise well. He’s got the cognition of however we privation to play.”

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