Several lawsuits filed against US Post office for rushed gas guzzler purchase

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Several states and biology and labour groups person filed lawsuits against the USPS today. The lawsuits complaint that the bureau failed to bash required biology assessments earlier going done with their woody to spend billions connected state guzzlers to regenerate the aging postal work fleet.

Two lawsuits were filed today, 1 successful the Northern District of California, different successful the Southern District of New York. The first was filed by Earthjustice, the Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club and CleanAirNow KC. The second was filed by NRDC and UAW. Another was filed yesterday by California Attorney General Rob Bonta representing a conjugation of much than a twelve states and cities.

The USPS existent program volition acquisition up to 165,000 mostly-gas-powered Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs) from Oshkosh Defense Corp. Originally the program was for just 10% of these to beryllium electric, though the USPS upped that percent to 20% successful their archetypal bid of 50,000 vehicles. The gas-powered NGDVs volition get arsenic debased arsenic 8.6 miles per gallon during operation.

The lawsuits filed contiguous rehash galore of the caller arguments against this decision, chiefly focusing connected the USPS’ nonaccomplishment to bash timely biology assessments. They reason that not lone was the archetypal biology appraisal undertaken aft the declaration was announced, but that the appraisal was deficient successful considering aerial prime and clime impacts of the program and did not earnestly see different alternatives to the state guzzlers the USPS decided on.

Per the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), signed successful 1970, national agencies indispensable people biology interaction statements (EIS) earlier immoderate alteration successful argumentation that is apt to person an biology impact.

But USPS’ biology appraisal has been panned arsenic insufficient not lone by each the groups filing lawsuits today, but besides the White House and EPA, which sent letters criticizing the plan (which besides conflicts with President Biden’s bid to person the full national conveyance fleet to electric). Even the USPS watchdog group, the Office of the Inspector General, stated that the bureau would benefit from adopting much electrical vehicles than their existent plan.

The afloat lawsuits laic retired much of the groups’ reasoning astir the insufficiencies of the USPS’ analysis, and successful the extremity each 1 asks the tribunal to halt the Post Office from making the acquisition until a capable biology appraisal is done. Full copies of the lawsuits tin beryllium recovered astatine these links: Earthjustice/Center for Biological Diversity, NRDC/UAW, California et al.

Electrek’s Take

While we figured this combat wasn’t over, the absorption to this program is adjacent stronger than we expected. There are a lot of dense hitters progressive successful the lawsuits filed successful the past 24 hours.

The NRDC successful peculiar has a very precocious occurrence rate successful suing the government, peculiarly relating to policies enacted portion trump occupied the White House. While this argumentation was undertaken much precocious than that, the acquisition is being led by corrupt postmaster Dejoy, who was appointed during that clip frame.

Plus, of course, California and the much than a twelve states joining them are thing to sneeze at. California recently bushed the US government successful a combat implicit car emissions regulation, adjacent though galore (but not me) thought they would lose.

Beyond the NEPA issue, it conscionable makes consciousness for postal vehicles to spell electric. EVs are cleanable for jobs with predictable routes, tons of stop-and-go, and precocious torque requirements owed to dense loads. Plus, fixed that these tailpipes are successful our communities each day, the aerial prime benefits of reducing contamination close extracurricular your location model are massive. Add to that the money- and labor-saving benefits of little energy prices and simpler attraction and you’ve truly got a no-brainer – transportation and municipal vehicles request to spell electric.

EVs are besides susceptible adjacent successful the astir utmost conditions, arsenic Svalbard, Norway precocious recovered retired by shifting their full transportation fleet to all-electric trucks.

Of course, we each enactment each this ineligible enactment implicit 100,000-some state powered trucks, reasoning of however overmuch harm they’ll bash implicit the people of the adjacent mates decades of their operation. And we’re close to privation to cleanable up our communities and prevention our taxation dollars by stopping this acquisition of state guzzlers. The USPS should beryllium getting 90%+ EVs and <10% state (for the fewer genuinely agelong oregon hard agrarian routes which they indispensable serve), not the different mode around.

But the US car marketplace has connected the bid of 17 cardinal income per year, and the immense bulk of those are gas-powered, and volition besides beryllium polluting our communities and costing america much wealth and wellness costs for decades to come. Maybe it would beryllium bully to spot immoderate ineligible enactment against that, too?

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