Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause Sounds Off on Claim She's a "Bully"

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Selling Sunset's Jason Oppenheim "Still Loves" Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause isn't successful the marketplace for rumors.

The Selling Sunset prima has acceptable the grounds consecutive astir her quality successful an Instagram Story connected April 25.

"I conscionable wanted to code thing existent quick," Chrishell said successful a selfie video. "Every azygous season, I spot this communal happening each clip that I'm actually, you know, not truly nice, I'm fake bully and that I'm really a bully oregon whatever."

She said she wanted to "address" the claims head-on, saying, "Here's the thing, to each the bully girls retired there, listen, you effort and beryllium nice, you effort and bash the close thing. I've worked successful this concern a agelong time. I person kept truthful galore friendships. I effort and ever beryllium professional."

However, she explained that it's important to instrumentality up for yourself. "At the extremity of the day," she said, "you don't ever person to beryllium bully if idiosyncratic keeps pushing you and does not respect your boundaries and that is OK."

Chrishell's clapback comes aft the Selling Sunset formed filmed the reunion episode, which volition aerial connected Netflix May 6. Season five—which premiered connected Netflix April 22—has taken viewers done the ups and downs of those that enactment astatine the Oppenheim Group.

Notably, this play has fixed viewers a deeper look wrong Chrishell and Jason Oppenheim's erstwhile narration earlier they announced their breakup successful December. And portion galore whitethorn beryllium keen to spot clips from their past romance, 1 spectator is not looking guardant to watching.

In an April 22 interrogation with People, Jason shared helium is "anxious" to relive the emergence and autumn of their relationship.

"It's astir similar if you got a divorcement and had to ticker your wedding video," Jason said. "Why would you privation to bash that? This has not been an casual breakup for maine astatine all—my astir hard for sure—and I'm inactive processing. So to person to spell done this erstwhile I'm already having a hard clip is not thing I'm looking guardant to."


Aside from narration woes, this play has besides welcomed a caller cause to the table. Chelsea Lazkani rapidly proved she knows however to basal up for others.

In occurrence four, Chelsea spoke up for Christine Quinn aft castmates Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell and Emma Hernan brought her to tears erstwhile they confronted her astatine a enactment lawsuit astir her unfavorable behavior.

"When I perceive everyone coming astatine 1 person, it's giving maine bullying," Chelsea said astatine the time. "And adjacent erstwhile you whitethorn not vibe with her, and dislike her, erstwhile you each travel together, it's a lot."

Reflecting connected the moment, Chelsea exclusively told E! News that she believes the country showed a antithetic broadside of Christine to viewers.

"I deliberation for the archetypal clip we really humanize Miss Christine Quinn," Chelsea said. "We spot a susceptible broadside to idiosyncratic that's ever been seen arsenic truthful strong."

However, Mary exclusively told E! News that Chelsea doesn't cognize the full "backstory," saying, "The lone happening she ever knew astatine that constituent was what Christine had been telling her. She had a precise one-sided constituent of view."

Mary said she believes the agents astatine the Oppenheim Group "don't teardrop women down." And it seems Chrishell would agree.

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