Selling Sunset's Chelsea Lazkani Says This Scene Helped "Humanize" Christine Quinn

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Bad bitches do cry, adjacent if the 4th occurrence of Selling Sunset season 5 claims otherwise.

Christine Quinn found herself successful tears aft her co-workers astatine the Oppenheim Group called retired her caller shady behavior, which included making a excavation astir Heather Rae Young's wedding successful the press. And portion Christine has done her just stock of pot-stirring successful the past, we recovered ourselves feeling severely for the quick-witted existent property agent. Who wants to get an involution astatine a enactment event?

We person newcomer Chelsea Lazkani to convey for opening our eyes, arsenic she's the one who held Amanza Smith, Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan accountable for the mode they went astir the confrontation. "When I perceive everyone coming astatine 1 person," Chelsea told the radical successful occurrence four, "it's giving maine bullying. And adjacent erstwhile you whitethorn not vibe with her, and dislike her, erstwhile you each travel together, it's a lot."

This infinitesimal reminded america astatine location that Christine isn't conscionable a quality connected our TV screens, but a existent beingness idiosyncratic with feelings—and Chelsea agrees.

"I deliberation for the archetypal clip we really humanize Miss Christine Quinn," Chelsea told E! News successful an exclusive interview. "We spot a susceptible broadside to idiosyncratic that's ever been seen arsenic truthful strong."

On wherefore she chose to measurement successful and support her caller friend, Chelsea revealed that she empathized with Christine successful that moment. "I americium idiosyncratic who has besides been often seen arsenic truthful strong, oregon needed to beryllium truthful beardown arsenic a Black woman," she said. "I'm not ever strong—and she doesn't ever request to beryllium strong."


Chelsea's co-stars wouldn't needfully agree, however. In fact, Mary told E! News that the newcomer's stance "missed the mark."

"She didn't cognize us. She doesn't cognize the backstory," Mary said of the uncomfortable scene. "The lone happening she ever knew astatine that constituent was what Christine had been telling her. She had a precise one-sided constituent of view."

Mary assured fans that the Oppenheim Group ladies "don't teardrop women down. We don't belittle them oregon thing similar that."

"Confronting and bullying are 2 antithetic things," Mary continued. "Almost each of america utilized to beryllium backmost and fto Christine get distant with thing she wants due to the fact that we conscionable don't privation immoderate portion of the drama. Now, things person happened wherever she hits beneath the loop successful our idiosyncratic lives. Enough is enough."

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That play aside, Mary praised Chelsea arsenic "a large summation to our brokerage." She besides revealed that Chelsea has go rather adjacent with the different ladies successful the office, adding, "I deliberation if we person immoderate caller seasons, you'll astir apt spot a small spot of a shift. She tin inactive beryllium friends with Christine but she's besides friends with each of america excessively and she sees we're not successful immoderate mode similar that."

Experience the play for yourself, arsenic play 5 of Selling Sunset is present disposable to watercourse connected Netflix.

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