Selling Sunset Fans Spot Yet Another Puzzling Editing Error With Christine Quinn's Hat

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Netflix's Selling Sunset, RHONJ Reunion & Naked and Afraid

Hats disconnected to Selling Sunset fans!

Ever since play 5 of the hit Netflix reality show premiered connected April 22, eagle-eyed viewers person been taking to societal media to constituent retired editing errors they've spotted successful the caller episodes. From Jason Oppenheim appearing to make a telephone connected his phone's camera app to a wardrobe mishap, there's been a assortment of onscreen blunders that person kept fans amused—and bemused—in betwixt each the drama. The latest 1 that's causing a buzz? A country involving realtor Christine Quinn during bid newcomer Chelsea Lazkani's beverage party.

Here's the tea: In occurrence 8 titled "She's Your Problem Too," Christine arrived to Chelsea's soirée dressed to impressment successful a agleam pinkish frock and a light bluish fascinator connected her head. However, seconds later, the self-proclaimed amusement villain was seen wearing a ample pinkish chapeau that matched her dress. A head-turner, indeed.

"Not christine's chapeau changing successful the mediate of a country lmaooo," 1 spectator tweeted, portion different wrote of the gaffe, "The continuity exertion connected this amusement is for s--t."

So, what's the woody with the change-up? In an exclusive chat with E! News, Christine's stylist Kat Gosik broke down the world star's look.

"Christine told maine they had a beverage enactment coming up truthful we wanted to beryllium precise literal. It's over-the-top and precise camp," she said. "If you notice, erstwhile Christine walks into the scene, she's wearing a bluish chapeau and past it changes to pink. I gave her some options and I deliberation she switched her caput mid-shooting."

After all, Kat noted, Christine is "shooting a TV show, and the main extremity of tv is to entertain."

"There should beryllium nary deficiency of amusement successful the outfits," the stylist said. "The champion portion astir moving with Christine is that she's not acrophobic to instrumentality a hazard and beryllium retired there. She ever understands the duty and realizes that manner is meant to beryllium fun."

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