Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Cara Delevingne Tease "Real Surprises" for Only Murders Season 2

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Only Murders successful the Building play 2 is shaping up to beryllium rather shocking according to Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Cara Delevingne. Hear them crockery connected what's to travel successful E! News' exclusive.

Only Murders successful the Building Cast Newbies: Cara Delevingne & More

Don't expect to ace the lawsuit astatine the halfway of Only Murders successful the Building immoderate clip soon.

According to Selena Gomez and Steve Martin—part of the trio of true-crime podcasters connected the critically-acclaimed Hulu series—season 2 is thing but straightforward. As Selena exclusively revealed connected E! News' Daily Pop, "We wanted to bring successful much mystery. I deliberation there's a batch of antithetic twists and turns that pb america nowhere, but everywhere."

Steve even admitted to being taken aback by certain crippled points, adding, "There are real surprises this season. Even arsenic an histrion getting the script, I go, 'Oh!' truthful that's a bully thing."

Though she's not a seasoned sleuth compared to Selena's Mabel and Steve's Charles, caller summation Cara Delevingne, who plays an creator named Alice, shared a akin sentiment. "You don't cognize what's going to hap with the characters arsenic it goes on," she said, "and I was like, 'Why did you bash that?!'"

Cara besides gave Daily Pop immoderate penetration into Alice and her blooming narration with Mabel, calling her character "complicated." 

"She's a mysterious person, but it benignant of unravels arsenic it goes on," Cara added of Alice. "There's a batch of twists and turns. I don't privation to ruin thing excessively much. She decidedly gets what she wants, she's conscionable precise aggravated astir the mode she goes astir things."

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While she didn't expand on the ominous assertion, she did rave astir moving with her adjacent friend, Selena. 

"We ne'er get to spot each different arsenic overmuch due to the fact that we're truthful busy," Cara said. "So to beryllium capable to walk that overmuch clip with her, and besides to beryllium capable to enactment with her, she's conscionable specified an unthinkable idiosyncratic to enactment with whether I cognize her oregon not. She is brilliant, similar 1 of my favourite actors I've ever worked with."

The feeling is mutual. As Selena told Daily Pop, "She is fantastic and I emotion our characters and our relationship. I got precise arrogant arsenic a person to spot her conscionable bash an unthinkable job."

See them all in enactment connected Hulu's Only Murders successful the Building. The archetypal 2 episodes are present streaming, and the remainder of the play volition merchandise each Tuesday passim the summer.

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