See Shakira & Nick Jonas Bust Some Fierce Moves in Dancing With Myself First Look

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Nick Jonas & Shakira Share Fave TikTok Dances & New Show

Get your dancing shoes ready: NBC's newest contention bid volition person you up connected your feet.

Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy are acceptable to assistance mundane radical unleash their interior dancer successful the brand-new amusement Dancing With Myself—premiering May 31—and E! News has your exclusive archetypal look astatine the feel-good series.

"Twelve unthinkable dancers are gonna compete, and past idiosyncratic is gonna win," says Jonas successful the caller trailer. "We privation this to consciousness similar the biggest creation party."

Each occurrence volition spot a twelve contestants instrumentality connected "a bid of high-energy creation challenges" created by the trio of judges, big Camille Kostek, and personage guests, according to the show's description.

"We invited radical from each implicit the state to creation successful these ace chill creation pods," says Kostek successful the archetypal look. After each round, the judges volition prime their favorites to advance, but arsenic Kostek says, "The workplace assemblage volition determine the winner."

"I'm looking for our dancers to F it up. But this is NBC, truthful fto maine archer you what the F stands for," Koshy jokes successful the trailer. "I'm looking for fresh, I'm looking for fierce, I'm looking for fun, I'm looking for fantastic."

Shakira says, "What we privation is radical to person this accidental to transmission their—" earlier being chopped disconnected by Koshy, who adds, "inner Shakiras."

"I was gonna accidental their interior Nicks," says Shakira, to which the Jonas Brothers prima responds, "Exactly."

Though the victor gets to instrumentality location a currency prize, on with the rubric "Dancer of the Night," Jonas says the amusement is simply astir showcasing "the powerfulness of dance."

As Koshy puts is, "Every second, each minute, somewhere, someone's getting a wake-up telephone to get up and dance!"

Check retired the afloat archetypal look above.

Dancing With Myself premieres Tuesday, May 31, astatine 10 p.m. connected NBC.

(E! and NBC are some portion of the NBCUniversal family).

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