See Mel B and Victoria Beckham's Special Mini-Spice Girls Reunion

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Spice Girls Mel B and Victoria Beckham reunited to observe Mel receiving a Member of the Order of the British Empire award. Find retired the saccharine mode Victoria helped retired connected Mel's peculiar time below.

Mel B Spills connected the Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Mel B and Victoria Beckham's recent Spice Girls' reunion volition marque your bosom sing. 

On May 6, 2 days aft receiving her MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) grant from Prince William, Mel B took to Instagram to convey Victoria for styling her and her mother, Andrea Brown, connected her other peculiar day.  

Mel B, existent name Melanie Brown, shared a saccharine snapshot of herself and Victoria sharing a saccharine hug portion retired to meal together. On the array successful beforehand of them sat a barroom that read, "To Melanie MBE."  

"My spice sister vic, I can't convey you capable for your tremendous generosity," Mel B captioned the post. "Not lone did you formal maine and my mum but you amazed maine by really being determination to acceptable us…….it was conscionable soooooooo peculiar acknowledgment to YOU and your fabulousness." 

But Victoria's saccharine gestures didn't halt there. In summation to spicing up her wardrobe, The Circle star also revealed that Victoria "booked a beauteous meal unneurotic with some of our families" to observe her unthinkable achievement. 

"25 years of relationship and we inactive similar each different haha," Mel B concluded. "I emotion you lots."


Mel B visited Buckingham Palace connected May 4, wherever she received the grant from the Duke of Cambridge for her charitable enactment against home violence. 

The singer, who has been a patron of the UK foundation Women's Aid since 2018, dedicated her grant to "all the different women" suffering from home violence, according to multiple reports.

"I ne'er thought I would beryllium present getting this MBE for the enactment I've been doing," she said. "I've had a truly astonishing beingness truthful acold and it was turned into thing horrible for 10 years and I've made thing worthy."

The Spice World actress aboriginal reflected connected her award connected Instagram. 

"The past fewer days person been a existent magical whirlwind," she shared. "It's taken maine a portion to process each this, spot me, but I wanted to beryllium contiguous and successful the infinitesimal to admit and respect each azygous second." 

She continued, "I can't fto this walk by firstly without thanking ALL the astonishing service of women who person not lone helped maine and supported maine but fixed maine the spot to transportation on. My communicative is your story." 

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