See a "Difficult" Love Match Atlanta Client's Date Go Wrong in Season Finale Preview

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The Ultimatum, Love Match ATL & Judge Mathis Cracks the Case

Matchmaker Shae Primus' latest lawsuit mightiness beryllium her trickiest 1 yet.

In E! News' exclusive sneak peek astatine the Love Match Atlanta play finale, the CEO of Middle-Class Matchmaker sends her person Shanta connected a date, lone things don't spell arsenic smoothly arsenic planned.

"I person been friends with Shanta for astatine slightest 4 years now," Shae says successful a confessional. And contempt saying her lawsuit is "difficult to match," the matchmaker besides knows Shanta is simply a "big teddy bear."

"She's pugnacious connected the extracurricular and brushed connected the inside," Shae says. "So, I'm conscionable trying to get that softness to radiance more."

Geared up with a roseate quartz bosom from Shae, Shanta heads retired for a beauteous picnic day with her match, Ken.

"Ken has a batch of masculine energy," Shae says astir her pick. "He's retired military, and I privation her to amusement up successful her beautiful, feminine signifier connected this date."

After popping unfastened immoderate wine, Shanta and Ken statesman to get to cognize each other. A reddish emblem instantly pops up for Shanta aft learning Ken's a Sagittarius, believing their zodiac signs (she's a Scorpio) volition clash.

Setting that aside, Shanta continues to unfastened up astir herself. "I'm a certified scuba diver," she tells Ken, overmuch to his surprise. "I'm a small antithetic benignant of Black girl."

She is conscionable arsenic amazed to larn that her day can't swim, and decides to question him adjacent more.

"Please don't instrumentality this the incorrect way, but I observe a batch of stuff," she tells him earlier pointing retired that helium arrived to their day successful an Uber. "Do you not person a vehicle?"

Ken responds, "Of people I do." This brings immoderate alleviation for Shanta, who says, "I don't attraction what benignant of conveyance it is, arsenic agelong arsenic it works."

Will Shanta and Ken enactment past their differences and prosecute a relationship? Check retired the afloat clip supra and tune successful to the play finale of Love Match Atlanta connected Sunday, June 26, astatine 9:30 p.m. connected Bravo. Catch up connected past episodes present connected Peacock.

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