Satellite captures stunning view of Hurricane Ian's eye

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A outer captured a stunning representation of Hurricane Ian's oculus arsenic it barreled toward Florida connected Wednesday. The representation shows the hurricane — hurling 155 mph winds — churning northeast toward Florida's westbound coast, adjacent Sanibel Island.

The satellite, called GOES-East, is positioned astir 22,300 miles supra Earth and travels astatine a velocity matching Earth's rotation, which allows it to enactment successful a fixed position, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

— NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) September 28, 2022

Hurricane Ian is expected to marque landfall successful southwest Florida connected Wednesday afternoon. By midday, it was already causing catastrophic tempest surge, winds and flooding, according to forecasters.

"On the forecast track, the halfway of Ian is expected to determination onshore soon, determination implicit cardinal Florida contiguous and Thursday greeting and look implicit the occidental Atlantic by precocious Thursday," forecasters said successful a 2 p.m. update. "Ian is forecast to crook northward connected Friday and attack the northeastern Florida seashore successful summation to the Georgia and South Carolina coasts precocious Friday."

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