Ryan Reynolds' Time Tribute to Joe Alwyn Seemingly Includes a Taylor Swift Easter Egg

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Did you cognize Ryan Reynolds and Joe Alwyn are BFFs? For the British actor’s Time honor, the Deadpool prima penned a tribute to his pal that volition delight Taylor Swift fans.

Blake Lively EXPECTING Baby No. 4 With Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Joe Alwyn's relationship stemmed from our favourite emotion story. 

The Conversations with Friends prima was honored in this year's 2022 Time100 Next list—which features a premix of leaders, advocates and actors, including Keke Palmer, Sydney Sweeney and more. In his complementary profile, the Deadpool actor swooped successful to praise Joe and discussed their years agelong narration (which seems to coincide perfectly with the magnitude of time Joe's been dating Taylor Swift).

"I've known Joe Alwyn for six years—and that's agelong capable to spot someone's heart," Ryan, whose woman Blake Lively is BFFs with T.Swift, wrote. "Long capable to cognize whether oregon not they're made of bully stuff. And Joe Alwyn is made of bully stuff."

The Red Notice prima continued, "Don't instrumentality my connection for it. He's bewitched a big of filmmakers, including Ang Lee, Yorgos Lanthimos, Lenny ­Abrahamson, and Claire Denis. Joe volition motorboat the charm onslaught of the hero."

"Joe Alwyn volition astonishment you," Ryan noted. "He's managed to bash each this portion evading the industry's tried-and-true quality to statement and pigeonhole a performer."

The histrion also reflected connected Joe's quality to clasp his privateness portion successful the spotlight, each portion inactive being a amusive clip down doors. 

"He lives astatine the intersection of enigmatic enigma and amusive drinking buddy," Ryan shared, "a prime that nary uncertainty contributed to his standout show successful this year's Conversations With Friends."

His added, "But earlier I decorativeness this tribute, it's imperative I notation his kindness, his generosity, and humanity."


Taylor—whose romance with Joe began successful 2016—and Ryan person been friends for years, with his longtime emotion Blake having made her directorial debut connected her euphony video "I Bet You Think About Me." 

And according to the Gossip Girl alum's caller pregnancy announcement, Taylor was 1 of the lone radical who knew she was expecting anterior to her sharing the quality with the remainder of the world.

Now, it's wide that Joe has besides recovered a peculiar spot successful the trio's hearts. 

Don't blasted us, but this glimpse into their relationship has america grinning like a devil. 

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