Russians using chips from kitchen appliances in military equipment

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U.S. sanctions and export controls imposed astatine the outset of Russia's penetration of Ukraine and aimed astatine crippling its system are starting to person an interaction connected Russian battlefield operations.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo successful a brace of legislature hearings this week told lawmakers that Russia has been utilizing semiconductors from dishwashers and refrigerators for its subject equipment. 

"Our attack was to contradict Russia technology, exertion that would cripple their quality to proceed a subject operation. And that is precisely what we are doing," Raimondi said connected Wednesday. 

She said she has heard anecdotes from the Ukrainian premier curate that immoderate of the Russian instrumentality near down contains semiconductors from room appliances due to the fact that the defence concern basal is having a hard clip producing much chips connected its ain and is facing export controls that bounds its quality to import the exertion from different countries. 

Export controls and sanctions person impacted different parts of the weapons industry, according to Raimondi who said 2 Russian vessel manufacturing factories person precocious unopen down, and galore Russian car manufacturers person furloughed workers. 

A elder defence authoritative besides told reporters earlier this week that sanctions connected Russia are starting to impact Russia's quality to replenish its munitions, too. 

"We cognize that — that the sanctions are liable for — for making it harder for Mr. Putin to replenish those stocks, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to immoderate of the physics components that spell into precision-guided munitions," the authoritative said. 

Precision-guided munitions, according to the Congressional Research Service, usage GPS, laser guidance, oregon inertial navigation systems to hone successful connected the intended people and minimize the harm to different structures. 

A debased inventory of precision-guided munitions could explicate wherefore the Russians are progressively relying connected "dumb bombs," peculiarly successful the metropolis of Mariupol. Deemed "dumb" due to the fact that they are not precision-guided, these bombs are little discriminate. 

The Russians person besides utilized hypersonic weapons successful the warfare successful Ukraine, and one crushed to usage hypersonics against the benignant of targets they are is due to the fact that they're rapidly moving done their inventory of precision-guided munitions. 

A elder defence authoritative said this week that the Russians person launched an estimated 10 to 12 hypersonic weapons into Ukraine implicit the people of the invasion. 

But Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley successful a legislature proceeding connected Wednesday said the mode the Russians are utilizing hypersonics hasn't fixed them overmuch of a battlefield vantage truthful far. 

"But different than the velocity of the limb successful presumption of its effect connected a fixed target, we are not seeing truly important oregon game-changing effects to day with the transportation of the tiny fig of hypersonics that the Russians person used," Milley said. 

Editor's Note: This communicative has been updated to close the spelling of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo's name.

Eleanor Watson

CBS News newsman covering the Pentagon.