Russians equip Cold War-era tanks with improvised anti-Javelin armor

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Several Cold-War epoch Russian T-62 mean tanks with bizarre-looking screens person been spotted successful southeastern Ukraine adjacent the existent beforehand lines of the struggle successful the country.

T-62 mean tanks were fitted with what looks similar a benignant of raised slat armour implicit the turret specifically designed to support against a top-down onslaught similar the Javelin anti-tank rocket systems. Russians equipping its older tanks with added armor connected top, wherever they are typically astir vulnerable, adjacent with further defenses.

Such screen-like structures besides were added to the turret tops of Russian T-72 and T-80 tanks. It is simply a crude metallic screen, akin to slat armor, that provides extortion against attacks from straight above.


According to Janes, these screens look to beryllium designed to decision top-attack weapons specified arsenic the US-made Javelin anti-tank guided limb oregon guided missiles fired from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by detonating high-explosive anti-tank warheads earlier they interaction a tank’s turret roof.

The 1960s-era T-62 is simply a Soviet mean conflict tank. The archetypal prototype of the T-62 was completed successful 1959. In 1961 this vessel was officially accepted to work with the Soviet Army.

Russia is apt facing “a shortage” of modern tanks and trying to marque up the shortage with outdated combat vehicles.