Russian missiles hit Kyiv as Putin warns West against arming Ukraine

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Kyiv, Ukraine — Russia took purpose astatine Western subject supplies for Ukraine with airstrikes successful Kyiv connected Sunday that it said destroyed tanks donated from abroad, arsenic President Vladimir Putin warned that immoderate Western deliveries of long-range rocket systems to Ukraine would punctual Moscow to deed "objects that we haven't yet struck."

The cryptic menace of a subject escalation from the Russian person didn't specify what the caller targets mightiness be, but it comes days aft the United States announced plans to present $700 cardinal of information assistance for Ukraine that includes 4 precision-guided, medium-range rocket systems, helicopters, Javelin anti-tank limb systems, radars, tactical vehicles, spare parts and more.

Military analysts accidental Russia is hoping to overrun the embattled eastbound Donbas region, wherever Russia-backed separatists person fought the Ukrainian authorities for years, earlier immoderate weapons that mightiness crook the tide arrive. The Pentagon said earlier this week it volition instrumentality astatine slightest 3 weeks to get the precision U.S. weapons and trained troops onto the battlefield.

Russian forces pounded railway facilities and different infrastructure aboriginal Sunday successful Kyiv, which had antecedently seen weeks of eerie calm. Ukraine's atomic works operator, Energoatom, said 1 cruise rocket buzzed the Pivdennoukrainsk atomic plant, astir 220 miles to the south, connected its mode to the superior — citing the dangers of specified a adjacent miss.

There was nary contiguous confirmation from Ukraine that the Russian airstrikes had destroyed tanks.

Kyiv hadn't faced immoderate specified strikes since the April 28 sojourn of U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. The aboriginal greeting onslaught triggered aerial raid alarms and showed that Russia inactive had the capableness and willingness to deed astatine Ukraine's bosom since abandoning its wider violative crossed the state to alternatively absorption its efforts successful the east.

Russia Ukraine War Smoke rises aft Russian rocket strikes successful Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday, June 5, 2022. Natacha Pisarenko / AP

In a posting connected the Telegram app, the Russian Defense Ministry said high-precision, long-range air-launched missiles were used. It said the strikes connected the outskirts of Kyiv destroyed T-72 tanks supplied by Eastern European countries and different armored vehicles located successful buildings of a car-repair business.

Russia's penetration of Ukraine connected Feb. 24 has led to untold tens of thousands of civilian and unit deaths, driven millions from their homes, sparked immense sanctions against Putin's authorities and allies, and strangled exports of captious wheat and different grains from Ukraine done Black Sea ports — limiting entree to breadstuff and different products successful Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

In a tv interrogation connected Sunday, Putin lashed retired astatine Western deliveries of weapons to Ukraine, saying they purpose to prolong the conflict.

"All this fuss astir further deliveries of weapons, successful my opinion, has lone 1 goal: To resistance retired the equipped struggle arsenic overmuch arsenic possible," Putin said, alluding to U.S. plans to proviso aggregate motorboat rocket systems to Kyiv. He insisted specified supplies were improbable to alteration overmuch for the Ukrainian government, which helium said was simply making up for losses of rockets of akin scope that they already had.

If Kyiv gets longer-range rockets, helium added, Moscow volition "draw due conclusions and usage our means of destruction, which we person plentifulness of, successful bid to onslaught astatine those objects that we haven't yet struck."

The missiles deed Kyiv's Darnytski and Dniprovski districts, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said connected the Telegram messaging app, punctuating the Kremlin's precocious reduced extremity of seizing the full Donbas. Moscow-backed separatists person fought Ukrainian forces for 8 years successful the Donbas and established self-proclaimed republics.

Russian forces deed  Kyiv with missiles, politician  says A gathering successful the Darnitsky territory of Kyiv, Ukraine, that was heavy damaged by Russian rocket attacks connected June 5, 2022. Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In caller days, Russian forces person focused connected capturing the metropolis of Sievierodonetsk.

A billowing pillar of fume filled the aerial with an acrid odor successful Kyiv's eastbound Darnystki district, and the charred, blackened wreckage of a warehouse-type operation was smoldering. Police adjacent the tract told an Associated Press newsman that subject authorities had banned the taking of images. Soldiers besides blocked disconnected a roadworthy successful a adjacent country starring toward a ample railway yard.

The sites struck included facilities for the authorities obstruction company, Ukrzaliznytsia, said Serhiy Leshchenko, an advisor successful President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office, connected Telegram. The cruise missiles appeared to person been launched from a Tu-95 bomber flying implicit the Caspian Sea, the Air Force Command said connected Facebook. It said aerial defence units changeable down 1 missile.

Energoatom said 1 cruise rocket came dangerously adjacent to the Pivdennoukrainsk atomic powerfulness plant. It said the rocket "flew critically low" and that Russian forces "still bash not recognize that adjacent the smallest fragment of a rocket that tin deed a moving powerfulness portion tin origin a atomic catastrophe and radiation leak."

Elsewhere, Russian forces continued their propulsion to instrumentality crushed successful eastbound Ukraine, with rocket and airstrikes carried retired connected cities and villages of the Luhansk region, with the warfare present past the 100-day mark.

Luhansk politician Serhiy Haidai said connected Telegram that "airstrikes by Russian Ka-52 helicopters were carried retired successful the areas of Girske and Myrna Dolyna, by Su-25 craft — connected Ustynivka," portion Lysychansk was deed by a rocket from the Tochka-U complex.

A full of 13 houses were damaged successful Girske, and 5 successful Lysychansk. Another airstrike was reported successful the eastbound metropolis of Kramatorsk by its politician Oleksandr Goncharenko. No 1 was killed successful the attack, helium said, but 2 of the city's enterprises sustained "significant damage."

On Sunday morning, Ukraine's General Staff accused Russian forces of utilizing phosphorus munitions successful the colony of Cherkaski Tyshky successful the Kharkiv region. The assertion couldn't beryllium independently verified.

The update besides confirmed strikes connected Kyiv, which occurred successful the aboriginal hours of Sunday. It wasn't instantly wide from the connection which infrastructure facilities successful Kyiv were hit.

The General Staff said Russian forces proceed battle operations successful Sievierodonetsk, 1 of 2 cardinal cities near to beryllium captured successful the Luhansk portion of the Donbas. The Russians power the eastbound portion of the city, the update said, and are focusing connected trying to encircle Ukrainian forces successful the country and "blocking disconnected main logistical routes."

The U.K. subject said successful its regular quality update that Ukrainian counterattacks successful Sievierodonetsk were "likely blunting the operational momentum Russian forces antecedently gained done concentrating combat units and firepower." Russian forces antecedently had been making a drawstring of advances successful the city, but Ukrainian fighters person pushed backmost successful caller days.

The connection besides said Russia's subject was partially relying connected reserve forces of the separatists successful the Luhansk region.

"These troops are poorly equipped and trained, and deficiency dense instrumentality successful examination to regular Russian units," the quality update said, adding that "this attack apt indicates a tendency to bounds casualties suffered by regular Russian forces."

Far from the battlefield, Ukraine's nationalist shot players are hoping to unafraid a World Cup spot erstwhile the squad takes connected Wales aboriginal Sunday successful Cardiff.

On the diplomatic front, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was heading to Serbia for talks with President Aleksandar Vucic aboriginal this week, followed by a sojourn to Turkey connected Tuesday, wherever the Russian envoy is expected to sermon Ukraine with his Turkish counterpart.

Turkey has been trying to enactment with U.N. and the warring countries to assistance wide the mode for Ukrainian atom to beryllium exported to Turkish ports, though nary woody connected the contented appeared imminent.

A Ukrainian statesmanlike advisor urged European nations to respond with "more sanctions, much weapons" to Sunday's rocket attacks.

Mykhailo Podolyak referenced remarks Friday by French President Emmanuel Macron, who said Putin had made a "historic error" by invading Ukraine, but that satellite powers shouldn't "humiliate Russia" truthful that a diplomatic exit could beryllium recovered erstwhile the warring stops.

Ukrainian authorities said Ukraine and Russia had exchanged bodies of killed troops this week, successful the archetypal officially confirmed swap. Ukraine's Ministry for Reintegration of Occupied Territories said Saturday each broadside had exchanged 160 bodies Thursday connected the beforehand enactment successful the confederate Zaporizhzhia region, parts of which are nether Russian control. Russian officials haven't commented connected the exchange.

At the Vatican, Pope Francis made 1 of his strongest appeals for a ceasefire and bid negotiations successful Ukraine, urging leaders: "Don't bring the satellite to ruins, please. Don't bring the satellite to ruins." He made the plea during his accepted Sunday blessing from a model overlooking St. Peter's Square, asking leaders to perceive "the hopeless cries of the radical who suffer" much than 100 days aft the Russian invasion.

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