Russia Suffers Biggest Combat Loss Since WW2 as 11,000 Ton Cruiser Moskva Sunk By Ukraine

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On April 14 reports emerged that 1 of Russia's largest warships and the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet the Slava Class cruiser Moskva had suffered explosions and a occurrence onboard perchance owed to a Ukrainian cruise rocket strike. The missiles utilized are thought to beryllium variants of the Soviet Kh-35, Cold War epoch variants of which person a scope of small implicit 100km and alert astatine adjacent supersonic speeds. The Russian Defence Ministry subsequently reported that the occurrence had been contained and the detonation of ammunition connected committee the warship had been averted with the origin of the occurrence inactive nether investigation. Hours aboriginal it was reported that the vessel had sunk aft encountering a tempest portion returning to dock. The fig of casualties among the 480 antheral unit remains unknown.

The nonaccomplishment of the Moskva apt represents the astir important for the Russian Military since the Second World War, and is 1 of precise fewer combat losses worldwide of a vessel of its size since the 1940s. The nonaccomplishment is peculiarly devastating for the Russian Navy owed to the information that Russia nary longer produces destroyer oregon cruiser sized ships, with the Moskva Class vessels each having entered work successful the 1980s earlier the Soviet collapse. This makes replacing the vas with 1 of a akin size improbable successful the adjacent aboriginal unless procured from abroad. The nonaccomplishment of the warship to comparatively debased outgo cruise missiles has the imaginable to accelerate Russia's steps towards focusing connected smaller frigate and corvette sized ships and reducing its fleet of cruisers and destroyers.

The Moskva was 1 of conscionable 3 cruisers of its people successful service, with 2 newer ships deployed nether the Northern and Pacific fleets. The cruiser programme was chopped abbreviated by the extremity of the Cold War with lone 3 of a planned 9 ships constructed, with the ample 11,000 ton vessels having been intended chiefly for aboveground warfare carrying 16 ample P-1000 cruise missiles and 40 aboveground to aerial missiles from the OSA series as its superior armament. Although comparatively tiny for cruisers, the Slava Class are the 2nd largest aboveground combatants successful Russian work lone to the atomic powered Kirov Class which are implicit doubly arsenic ample and of which conscionable 2 are successful service. It remains uncertain however the Russian Navy volition respond to the loss, and whether upgrades to oregon adjacent a decommissioning of the different 2 Slava Class ships could commence to region a vulnerability exposed successful the Black Sea. The Moskva’s sinking could perchance person important impacts acold beyond Russia, arsenic a fig of countries trust connected missiles akin to the Kh-35 to asymmetrically tackle ample aboveground ships which has present arguably been vindicated arsenic a viable strategy nether astatine slightest immoderate circumstances. The sinking comes amid increasing arguments that ample aboveground combat ships person go progressively obsolete operating adjacent force coasts owed to the increasing potency of asymmetric anti ships assets many of which are respective decades much precocious than Ukraine’s Kh-35 arsenal.