Russia started preparations for its military parade in Moscow

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Russia is deploying much than 100 subject vehicles from the Alabino investigating crushed to Moscow for preparations for its Victory Day Parade.

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported Friday that the convoys see Typhoon armored vehicles, Tornado-G aggregate motorboat rocket systems mounted connected the Ural vehicle, Iskander rocket systems, S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft rocket systems, Uran-9 robotic systems, Yars RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile systems, specialized vehicles for method enactment and maintenance.

“The tracked vehicles volition beryllium moved to the metropolis of Moscow by rail,” the ministry said. “The T-34 and Armata tanks participating successful the subject parade volition beryllium transported to a impermanent tract connected trucks during this night.”.


In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said: “In total, 11,000 subject personnel, 131 units of modern weapons and subject equipment, and 77 planes and helicopters are progressive successful the preparations for the parade connected Red Square.”

The Russian troops volition clasp nighttime rehearsals of the Victory Parade connected Moscow’s Red Square connected April 28 and May 4 and a last rehearsal connected May 7, the Defense Ministry said.

Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Oleg Salyukov has been appointed to bid the Victory Parade connected Moscow’s Red Square connected May 9, it said.

Military parades to people the 77th day of the Soviet Union’s triumph implicit Nazi Germany successful the 1941-1945 volition besides instrumentality spot connected May 9 successful 28 Russian cities.