Russia shoots down 6 Ukrainian Bayraktar TB-2 drones

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Since Putin ordered his monolithic bloody penetration of Ukraine connected Feb. 24, Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly mislaid six Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicles— astir 20% of its estimated progressive fleet.

Open-source-intelligence analysts from the Oryx blog reported that arsenic of April 28, 3 months into the war, Ukraine has mislaid six Turkish-built Bayraktar TB2 unmanned craft systems.

This is lone confirmed, photographed losses and truthful represents an implicit minimum baseline and astir reliable figure. The Oryx squad meticulously tracks worldly losses successful this warfare utilizing societal media to corroborate its information astir damaged, destroyed, abandoned, oregon captured Russian and Ukrainian subject equipment.


Amid the Russian penetration of Ukraine, Bayraktar TB2 drones occurrence against Russian main conflict tanks and different subject vehicles. Kyiv has claimed its drones person destroyed respective 100 Russian armored vehicles.

Also, Ukrainian combat drones, similar the Bayraktar, are showing their effectiveness against outdated Russian aerial defence systems.

The Russian aerial unit and aerial defence are connected a existent hunt for Ukrainian drones, but they inactive cannot header with these systems and progressively Ukrainian troops are striking heavy down Russian lines.

Russia’s unprovoked and unwarranted penetration of Ukraine has resulted successful the deaths of thousands of civilians, portion much than 3.7 cardinal refugees person near the country. An further estimated 6.5 cardinal Ukrainians person besides been displaced wrong Ukraine, and dozens of the nation’s cities person taken monolithic damage.