Russia says Ukraine war could go nuclear if West keeps sending weapons

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Ukrainian buying promenade houses refugees

Ukrainian buying promenade present houses families that person go refugees 02:44

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine — Russia's Foreign Minister said Tuesday that if the U.S. and Ukraine's different Western allies proceed to limb the state arsenic it battles Moscow's invading forces, the hazard of the warfare escalating into a atomic struggle "should not beryllium underestimated." In an interrogation with Russian TV, Sergey Lavrov said that by providing weapons, NATO nations were "pouring lipid connected the fire" and risking "World War III."

He said the ongoing arms shipments to Ukraine meant NATO was "in essence engaged successful warfare with Russia" already.

The seasoned Kremlin diplomat issued his latest informing arsenic U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met successful Germany with NATO allies, urging European nations to summation their subject assistance to Ukraine. Germany's defence main announced Tuesday that the state would commencement sending self-propelled armored anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine.

U.N. main to conscionable Putin successful Moscow, propulsion for ceasefire

Foreign solidarity with Ukraine has lone grown implicit the people of Putin's unprovoked two-month assault, present focused mostly connected Ukraine's east. It continues to assertion guiltless civilian lives, contempt Russian officials' insistence that they're lone hitting subject infrastructure.

APTOPIX Russia Ukraine War A Ukrainian serviceman walks amid the rubble of a gathering heavy damaged by aggregate Russian bombardments successful Kharkiv, Ukraine, A pril 25, 2022. Felipe Dana/AP

Overnight, the Defense Ministry successful Moscow said it had deed astir 90 much "military" targets successful Ukraine, including obstruction facilities astir the battered northeast metropolis of Kharkiv that are captious to Ukrainian proviso chains — including the ingress of overseas weapons.

Despite Russia's overwhelming firepower advantage, Austin said earlier his gathering astatine Ramstein Air Base successful Germany that Ukraine could triumph the war, if it has the "right equipment."

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba dismissed Lavrov's remarks astir atomic warfare arsenic an denotation that Moscow already "senses decision successful Ukraine."

But successful Ukraine's east, the combat is acold from over. As CBS News elder overseas analogous Charlie D'Agata reports, determination has been nary remainder for the remaining residents, oregon the firefighters successful Kharkiv. Russia said its latest strikes killed 500 Ukrainian troops. That can't beryllium independently verified, but it is wide the front-line warring has intensified.

Ukraine's 2nd largest metropolis had been among the hardest deed this week arsenic Russia increases its onslaught on a 300-mile beforehand enactment successful the east.

Russia's onslaught  connected  Ukraine continues, successful  Kharkiv A antheral reacts adjacent to a burning residential building, pursuing a Russian shelling amid Russia's onslaught connected Ukraine, successful Kharkiv, Ukraine, April 25, 2022. RICARDO MORAES/REUTERS

Some of those who've escaped the warring person taken structure successful a buying halfway successful the metropolis of Zaporizhzhia. The realities of a state astatine warfare could not beryllium much stark: You tin bargain cloth softener successful 1 aisle, spot a exile structure successful the parking batch and a café that's been converted into a makeshift first-aid center.

D'Agata met Fedor Zubkov, 36, astatine the mall, taking structure aft losing his woman to Russian shelling.

"We started dating erstwhile we were 15 years old," helium said. "She was my archetypal love."

Zubkov is struggling to header mentally. He said his municipality adjacent Zaporizhzhia was attacked connected the archetypal time of Russia's war, and the invaders rapidly quashed its defenses.

"Over 2 days, they killed each those successful the territorial defence portion and they destroyed the metropolis center," helium told CBS News. "The rocket killed my woman unneurotic with her younger sister. I was told to spell to the infirmary and past radical told me, 'You don't request to spell now.' I asked, 'What bash you mean?' They told maine she was dead. I couldn't adjacent hide her. Corpses were lying connected the streets of our metropolis for 2 days and Russians didn't fto america hide them." 

ukraine-fedor-zubkov.jpg Fedor Zubkov, 36, speaks to CBS News astatine a buying halfway successful the Ukrainian metropolis of Zaporizhia being utilized to structure radical fleeing front-line areas during Russia's invasion. Zubkov said a Russian onslaught killed his woman soon aft Vladimir Putin ordered the penetration of Ukraine.   CBS News

He said Russian-allied forces held him captive for 2 days, "handcuffed, and they were pointing the weapon astatine maine and said: 'We'll sprout you now!' I told them, 'You killed my wife,' and they replied: 'It's not us, it's Ukraine.' They killed the parent of my azygous child." 

Zubkov's 18-year-old daughter, whose assemblage studies successful Kyiv were derailed by the war, present wants to determination to the U.S. Zubkov said helium doesn't adjacent cognize however she's coping with the nonaccomplishment of her mother. He is not.

"I request to spot the psychiatrist, due to the fact that aft the imprisonment and the nonaccomplishment of my beloved wife, I americium dilatory losing my mind," helium told D'Agata. "You can't adjacent ideate what it is similar to beryllium tortured, erstwhile 30 afloat armored Chechen men basal successful beforehand of you, constituent the weapon astatine you and endanger to termination you again and again."

Russia intensifies bombardment successful eastbound Ukraine 07:29

D'Agata and his squad visited a subject infirmary adjacent the buying center, wherever they met Nazik Hnativ. After volunteering to combat erstwhile the warfare broke out, the 27-year-old vigor big from the occidental metropolis of Lviv recovered himself close successful the mediate of the astir brutal warring successful the east.

On Saturday, an artillery circular tore done some of his legs and an arm.

"I thought I mislaid my limb and wouldn't beryllium capable to play soccer," helium said. "The archetypal happening I asked was whether I could play shot — and combat again."

D'Agata asked him done a translator if helium truly wanted to instrumentality to the beforehand lines aft being truthful severely wounded.

"Of course, of course," helium said. "It is my land. It is my country. It's my motherland."

capture-jpg-3.jpg Nazik Hnativ, 27, was a vigor big successful Lviv earlier helium volunteered to combat Russia's invading troops. With scant grooming and nary experience, helium was sent to the beforehand lines successful eastbound Ukraine, wherever an artillery circular near him with injuries to an limb and some legs connected April 23, 2022. CBS News

Asked whether helium had told his parent that he'd been hit, helium said not yet. He didn't privation to interest her.

"I called her this greeting from the nurse's phone, due to the fact that I cognize the telephone fig of my ma by heart. I told her that I hadn't called her for truthful agelong due to the fact that I mislaid my phone, due to the fact that I broke it, truthful my parents bash not cognize what happened to me," helium told CBS News "My ma is precise sensitive, and if she heard that thing happened to me, she would marque it from Lviv to Zaporizhzhia, to here, successful 3 minutes successful bid to spot me."

Hnativ admitted that it was "scary" to find himself facing Russia's subject mightiness without immoderate subject acquisition oregon existent training.

"I americium not saying that I americium fearless. I americium besides afraid, and I person ne'er wanted to combat successful a war. But Russians invaded my land, they came to termination my brothers and sisters, my chap Ukrainians here. They came to termination my nation," helium said. "I didn't cognize however to fight. Never ever had I held a limb successful my hands earlier February 24th. But erstwhile the warfare started, I realized and I decided that I request to beryllium connected the battlefield and I request to support my country."

D'Agata asked the wounded worker if helium had a connection for Russia. We can't reprint it, but helium told them to permission Ukraine, and helium didn't mince his words.

Hnativ besides had a connection for the United States: "Help us! Send america weapons! And we volition win."

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