Russia blows up bridges to slow Ukraine counter attacks: "Massive bombardments"

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Ukraine hoped to evacuate much civilians from a besieged Mariupol alloy works connected Saturday arsenic Russian forces unleased caller bombardments crossed the state up of Victory Day festivities successful Moscow.

The Azovstal alloy mill is the past pouch of Ukrainian absorption successful the devastated larboard metropolis and its destiny has taken connected a symbolic worth successful the broader conflict unleashed by Russia's invasion.

Ukraine's defence curate said Russian forces had resumed their battle connected the site, contempt earlier speech of a truce to let trapped civilians to fly the complex.

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said rescuers would effort to evacuate much civilians connected Saturday.

Ukrainian forces person launched a counter-offensive of their own.

According to the defence ministry, Russian forces were forced to demolish 3 roadworthy bridges adjacent Tsyrkuny and Ruski Tyshky extracurricular Kharkiv, to dilatory the Ukrainian advance.

According to British intelligence, Ukrainian forces equipped with high-end weaponry by the occidental allies, person been capable to destruct astatine slightest 1 of Russia's astir precocious tanks, the T-90M.

On Monday, Moscow and President Vladimir Putin  will observe the World War II Soviet triumph implicit Nazi Germany with a accepted Victory Day parade.

Russia's run successful Ukraine has tally into pugnacious absorption -- and provoked Kyiv's occidental allies into slapping monolithic economical sanctions connected the Russian system and Putin's interior circle.

An aerial presumption    shows Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar hitting Russian landing trade  vas  with missiles, astatine  Zmiinyi Island An aerial presumption shows Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar hitting Russian landing trade vas with missiles, astatine Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, Ukraine, successful this inactive representation from a handout video released by Press work of Ukrainian Ground Forces connected May 7, 2022. UKRAINIAN GROUND FORCES via Reuters

But with Victory Day accelerated approaching, Ukrainian officials fearfulness much aggravated rocket and artillery bombardments and renewed assaults arsenic Moscow scrambles for symbolic wins.

The Ukrainian rescue work said a rocket deed a method assemblage successful Kostiantynivka, successful the eastbound portion of Donetsk, causing a occurrence and astatine slightest 2 deaths.

Donetsk determination politician Pavlo Kyrylenko said determination had been "massive bombardments" on the frontline. Strikes were besides reported successful the northbound of Ukraine adjacent the metropolis of Kharkiv and successful the confederate metropolis of Mikoleyev, a cardinal Russian target.

"War of attrition"

As CBS News' elder overseas affairs analogous and "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan reported, the "war of attrition" has begun successful Ukraine, arsenic Russian forces marque a grinding propulsion utilizing dense artillery shelling successful the southbound and eastbound of the state alongside heavy strikes further westbound into Ukraine successful an effort to disrupt logistical proviso lines utilized by the West. Predicting erstwhile the Russian violative volition extremity is precise complicated, a European authoritative successful Washington told reporters. 

In the agelong term, Russian President Vladimir Putin's nonsubjective is to seizure the broader Donbas region, wherever Ukrainians and Russians person been warring since 2014, arsenic good arsenic the onshore span linking mainland Ukraine to Russian-occupied Crimea. However, Russian forces — pushing from the east, south, and from the northbound country of Izium, successful eastbound Ukraine, portion utilizing dense artillery shelling — person inactive not made overmuch advancement connected the ground, the European authoritative said. 

"The struggle successful Ukraine is taking a dense toll connected immoderate of Russia's astir susceptible units and astir precocious capabilities," U.K. Defense Intelligence said.

"It volition instrumentality sizeable clip and disbursal for Russia to reconstitute its equipped forces pursuing this conflict," it said, informing sanctions connected precocious components would marque it harder for Russia to re-arm.

The west, meanwhile, is stepping up arms deliveries to Ukraine's defenders.

US President Joe Biden connected Friday announced different bundle of subject assistance worthy $150 million, including counter-artillery radars utilized for detecting the root of force fire.

This brings the full worth of US weaponry sent to Ukraine since the Russian penetration began to $3.8 billion.

Biden had urged Congress to o.k. a further $33 cardinal package, including $20 cardinal successful subject aid, "to fortify Ukraine connected the battlefield and astatine the negotiating table."

The G7 leaders, including Biden, and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky are to conscionable successful videoconference connected Sunday to sermon Western enactment for Kyiv.

"There volition beryllium nary instrumentality to the past"

On Friday, Zelensky said "diplomatic options" were besides nether mode to rescue Ukrainian soldiers from the Mariupol steelworks, arsenic civilian evacuations continued.

The Russian defence ministry said 50 radical were evacuated from the site, including 11 children.

It added they were handed implicit to the UN and Red Cross, which are assisting successful the operation, and that the "humanitarian operation" would proceed connected Saturday.

About 200 civilians, including children, are thought to beryllium trapped successful the tunnels and bunkers beneath Azovstal, on with Ukrainian soldiers making their past stand.

Russia announced a day-time ceasefire astatine the works for 3 days starting Thursday but the Ukrainian service said Russian "assault operations" had continued by crushed and air.

Ukraine's Azov battalion, starring the defence astatine Azovstal, said 1 Ukrainian combatant had been killed and six wounded erstwhile Russian forces opened occurrence during an effort to evacuate radical by car.

Since failing to instrumentality Kyiv aboriginal connected successful the war, Russia has refocused its violative connected the southbound and eastbound of Ukraine.

Taking afloat power of Mariupol would let Moscow to make a onshore span betwixt the Crimean peninsula, which it annexed successful 2014, and separatist, pro-Russian regions successful the east.

In those regions, separatists said they had removed Ukrainian and English connection postulation signs for Mariupol and replaced them with Russian ones.

Locals privation to spot impervious that "Russia has travel backmost present forever," said Denis Pushilin, caput of the breakaway portion of Donetsk.

In neighboring Lugansk, Ukrainian officials said connected Friday that Russian forces had astir encircled Severodonetsk -- the easternmost metropolis inactive held by Kyiv -- and are trying to tempest it.

Kherson successful the southbound remains the lone important metropolis Russia has managed to seizure since the warfare began.

A elder authoritative from the Russian parliament visiting the metropolis connected Friday besides emphasized that Russia would stay successful confederate Ukraine "forever".

"There should beryllium nary uncertainty astir this. There volition beryllium nary instrumentality to the past," Andrey Turchak said.

As European countries person sought to clamp down connected Russian assets overseas, Italian authorities impounded a mega yacht arsenic speculation swirled it mightiness adjacent beryllium to the Russian president.

"Scheherazade" is worthy an estimated $700 million. Financial constabulary person been capable to "establish important economical and concern links" betwixt the proprietor and "eminent radical successful the Russian government".

Researchers astatine the anti-corruption instauration of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny person linked the yacht to Putin.

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