Robinhood to Pay Less Than Half of Initial Bid for Crypto Firm Ziglu

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Nasdaq-listed fiscal services level Robinhood Markets Inc has lowered its bid for United Kingdom-based crypto fintech firm, Ziglu successful airy of the existent realities successful the integer currency ecosystem.


The involvement successful Ziglu was archetypal revealed successful April erstwhile the US-based brokerage app unveiled a $170 cardinal bid to instrumentality up ownership of the startup.

Robinhood has changed its bid and is offering $72.5 cardinal representing a £28.29 stock price, an magnitude little than fractional its archetypal proposal. While this caller bid volition effect successful losses for immoderate of Ziglu’s investors, Chief Executive Officer Mark Hipperson affirmed that the company’s committee has already approved the caller bid.

He explained that should Robinhood terminate the existing income and acquisition statement (SPA), the institution would beryllium near successful an “extremely challenging market, and undercapitalized for the play ahead.”

“The committee has spent important clip successful treatment with Robinhood’s CEO and enforcement squad negotiating and improving the presumption of their revised offer. Based connected these discussions and different considerations, we judge the revised the champion and lone tenable way guardant for the company,” Hipperson said.

Robinhood’s determination to slash its connection to get Ziglu was influenced by the existent marketplace condition, which has revalued astir companies by astir 50 to 90%. With its archetypal nonaccomplishment to penetrate the United Kingdom astir 2 years ago, Ziglu, drafting connected the regulatory backing, lawsuit base, and unsocial solutions, correspond the champion stake for Robinhood to grow its footprint into the UK.

It is unclear erstwhile the caller woody volition beryllium finalized. However, the caller bid submitted by Robinhood is evident the institution is keen, according to CEO Vlad Tenev, to “work to leverage the champion of some companies, exploring caller ways to innovate and interruption down barriers for customers crossed the UK and Europe.”

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