Rivian delays Ocean Coast interiors, introduces ‘Sand’ and ‘Pet’ Modes and Dashcam

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In a precise “Muskivelian” determination today, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe tweeted immoderate chill caller features that would beryllium coming to owners, portion Tony Caravano, caput of Rivian lawsuit engagement, told preservation holders with Ocean Coast interiors (like myself) that their vehicles would beryllium delayed further. Oh and today’s the time that Rivian stakeholder and competitor Ford starts deliveries of the F-150 Lightning. So overmuch for subtlety.

Starting with the atrocious news, I and galore Rivian preservation holders got the pursuing email precocious past night.

Rivian hold email

Hi Seth,

I’m penning you from our caller Customer Engagement Center successful Irvine, CA, wherever Guides and Specialists are moving to enactment deliveries to customers crossed the country. It’s been a privilege to spot societal media and Internet forums flooded with photos and videos of caller lawsuit deliveries; they animate america to support exploring each enactment to get adjacent much of you into Rivian vehicles arsenic rapidly arsenic we can.

To enactment that goal, we’re adjusting our accumulation series to maximize accumulation output successful spite of proviso challenges. Here are immoderate important details:

The biggest accommodation is with our interior colour options. For some R1T and R1S, we are prioritizing Black Mountain and Forest Edge interiors for the soonest deliveries, with Ocean Coast deliveries starting aboriginal this fall.

The airy wood successful Ocean Coast is much challenging to produce, truthful successful bid to determination faster, we are focusing initially connected producing with Black Mountain and Forest Edge.We are besides utilizing much batching of exterior colors and instrumentality options.

Building successful fewer physique combinations reduces complexity with our suppliers and successful the works and allows america to physique a greater fig of vehicles.This updated attack besides means we’ll spot Adventure Package vehicles rolling disconnected the enactment alongside Launch Edition vehicles implicit the adjacent fewer months. While these ramp-optimized physique plans whitethorn impact immoderate people’s transportation timing — moving immoderate up and immoderate backmost — this volition alteration america to present arsenic galore vehicles arsenic rapidly arsenic possible. In the coming weeks, we volition email updated transportation estimates to each preorder holders.

For preorder holders with a transportation model successful 2022, we volition beryllium reaching retired successful precocious May to gauge your preferences and assistance further pass our physique combinations. If you’re flexible connected definite options, you whitethorn beryllium capable to instrumentality transportation sooner. If you emotion your archetypal configuration and similar to instrumentality with it, past nary enactment is required connected your portion — we’ll simply proceed to update you connected your estimated transportation timing.

We inquire those preorder holders with a 2023 (or later) transportation model to beryllium choky for present but cognize that we mean to supply you with much clarity this summertime arsenic well.

Look for much updates astir your idiosyncratic preorder successful the coming weeks, and arsenic always, please reach out if you’ve got questions.

Thanks for being connected the travel with us.

More soon,

Tony Caravano
Head of Rivian Customer Engagement

* Your transportation model estimation is based connected your preorder date, transportation determination and your existent configuration. Changes to your configuration oregon transportation code whitethorn interaction your estimated transportation window.

The bottommost enactment is that myself and different Ocean Coast interior deliveries would beryllium delayed again. Meanwhile those with the different 2 interiors would theoretically determination up the enactment and adjacent immoderate Adventure bundle vehicles would determination up of Launch Edition reservations.

Rivian caller features

At astir the aforesaid time, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe tweeted retired a beauteous absorbing caller unannounced diagnostic for desert/beachgoers who seemingly similar to footwear up immoderate sand: Sand Mode, which will travel standard. It isn’t definite what this mode volition bash performance-wise but it volition surely bring the soil which could beryllium problematic for the underbody?

In addition, 2 neat Tesla staple features, Pet Mode and Dashcam, volition besides beryllium coming soon to Rivian drivers. Pet mode is benignant of a offshoot of camping mode that allows the car to enactment astatine a country somesthesia nary substance however blistery oregon acold it is extracurricular truthful that pets tin enactment successful the car portion eating oregon shopping. Not for usage with children obviously. I would presume that Dashcam volition usage the array of Rivian cameras to grounds what’s going connected astir the conveyance overmuch similar Tesla does.

Definitely – besides coming soon!

— RJ Scaringe (@RJScaringe) April 26, 2022

Electrek’s Take:

While bummed that I’m looking astatine yet different hold (and mightiness alteration my configuration based connected this), I recognize and admit that Rivian is trying to get these trucks retired the door. On the flip side, it is bully quality for different interior holders who volition theoretically get their conveyance sooner.

The caller car tricks are of people neat, and I volition peculiarly get inferior from favored mode, the dashcam, and to a lesser grade “sand mode.”

Even much absorbing to maine is the mode the quality was delivered. As a 4X Tesla proprietor implicit astir a decade, I’m utilized to getting car updates via CEO tweets. Would I alternatively get the quality from the institution Twitter grip truthful I americium not besides forced to look astatine governmental memes from the aforesaid account? (Are we inactive talking astir RJ?!) Perhaps. But it is bully erstwhile determination is simply a liable idiosyncratic attached to the tweet and who theoretically answers follow-up questions, adjacent if they are softballs lobbed by superfans.

Rivian is some praised and criticized by copying the champion of Tesla, and I deliberation that’s what’s happening here, not conscionable successful features but the mode the institution operates. Keep immoderate chill caller features successful the hopper for the CEO to tweet retired to screen the quality rhythm erstwhile atrocious quality needs to beryllium delivered. Look astatine the pb representation for this communicative connected delays. Oh, and what Ford F-150 Lightning motorboat day? Does it adjacent person Sand Mode?

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