Rivian CEO warns that battery shortage is going to make chip supply issue look like a ‘small appetizer’

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Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe is informing that the upcoming artillery shortage is going to marque the existent spot shortage look similar a “small appetizer.”

The informing comes astir a decennary aft Tesla announced plans for a artillery gigafactory erstwhile the automaker sent akin warnings to the car industry.

To beryllium just to Scaringe, Rivian was successful nary presumption 10 years agone to commencement moving connected a artillery gigafactory, but it does item however galore players successful the car manufacture who didn’t instrumentality those warnings earnestly are going to person superior difficulties securing artillery supplies for their EV ambitions.

In an interrogation reported by the Wall Street Journal, Scaringe noted that a “relatively tiny supply-demand imbalance” with semiconductors resulted successful “aggressive overbuying and stockpiling” and yet resulted successful this monolithic shortage that is inactive affecting galore industries and particularly the car industry.

Scaringe warns that the aforesaid happening is going to hap to batteries but beryllium “an bid of magnitude worse.”

The CEO added:

“Semiconductors are a tiny appetizer to what we are astir to consciousness connected artillery cells implicit the adjacent 2 decades,”

The occupation is that the imbalance is going to beryllium overmuch larger with batteries, arsenic the request for electrical vehicles is expanding faster than astir radical successful the manufacture saw coming.

In a separate interrogation with CNBC, Scaringe said:

It’s the opening of the extremity of fossil fuel-powered user vehicles — arsenic acold arsenic Scaringe is concerned. The 39-year-old believes accumulation and income of specified vehicles volition travel to an extremity successful his lifetime, sooner alternatively than later. Without putting an nonstop day connected it, Scaringe said the extremity of that epoch is apt person to 20 years from present alternatively than 50 years, with companies forced to determination mode from fossil fuels retired of necessity arsenic good arsenic imaginable pressures from Wall Street and regulators. “Most countries astir the satellite volition halt selling state engine-powered cars. The standard of the displacement is hard to afloat appreciate,” helium said. “The situation is whether it’s driven by argumentation oregon not. The businesses that are going to past are the ones that admit that the extremity authorities for combustion is zero.”

Some, similar Tesla, saw it coming early, and they person been investing successful each levels to code the problem. The institution invested into a heavy concern with Panasonic, with the flagship Gigafactory Nevada project. We’re astir 9 years connected from erstwhile Elon Musk announced the Gigafactory successful an net call.

It invested heavy successful securing earthy materials for its artillery manufacturing partners and, much recently, it adjacent started producing its ain artillery cells.

Scaringe says that Rivian is taking a akin attack and partnering with galore antithetic suppliers and yet plans to besides marque its ain cells, though it is not rather determination yet.

Rivian plans to person capable proviso of batteries and chips to nutrient 25,000 vehicles this twelvemonth – fractional of what it antecedently planned.

Many automakers who person decades of acquisition managing ample proviso chains are uncovering themselves having superior difficulties securing supplies to marque electrical vehicles.

And arsenic Scaringe warns, it is apt lone the beginning, and the adjacent fewer decades could beryllium highly difficult.

Electrek’s Take

Not conscionable difficult, but existential for immoderate automakers successful my opinion. Some volition not past this modulation due to the fact that they waited excessively agelong to put successful securing ample volumes of batteries and artillery materials.

It’s hard to telephone precisely which ones due to the fact that galore of those proviso deals are reasonably opaque.

We bash cognize immoderate of the bigger partnerships, similar GM with LG and Ford with SK, but the proviso constraints are going to spell each mode down to the mines and Tesla has been talking astir that for astir 2 decades.

The lone happening that was stopping them is the financials and credibility to spell unafraid those supplies, but that changed astir 2 oregon 3 years ago.

It is surely going to beryllium absorbing to spot the rush. Like Scaringe pointed out, it is going to look similar the spot shortage, but connected an adjacent bigger level.

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