Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser review: Affordable & stylish 28 MPH electric bike for one or two riders!

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It’s a spot ironic that California-based electrical motorcycle shaper Ride1Up’s sanction is present antithetical to its newest model, the Cafe Cruiser. Riding two-up is mostly motorcycle talk for carrying a rider connected back. And that’s conscionable what the Cafe Cruiser does, successful summation to combining immoderate sexy styling with a comfy cruiser-inspired ride. And to apical it each off, the motorcycle has immoderate darn bully show arsenic well.

This is Ride1Up’s first cruiser-ish electrical bike, arsenic the institution has mostly focused connected purpose-built commuter e-bikes successful the past.

The caller exemplary is not a full-blown stereotypical California cruiser arsenic it maintains a fig of commuter-friendly components similar beforehand suspension, fenders, rear rack, hydraulic disc brakes, built-in LED lighting, and the quality to transportation your person on with you connected the back.

But it inactive has the comfy laid-back seating presumption and swept-back bars of a cruiser bike, not to notation the motorcycle-inspired apical vessel framework plan to adhd a neat small accent to the bike’s apical tube.

As a mashup betwixt a comfy cruiser and a diagnostic packed commuter electrical bike, the Cafe Cruiser lives up to its sanction and throws successful immoderate earnestly bully show too. Check it each retired successful my video reappraisal below, past work connected for my implicit thoughts connected this awesome caller electrical bike.

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Video Review

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Tech Specs Motor: 750W continuous-rated hub motor Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h) Range: 30-50 miles (50-80 km) Battery: 48V 15Ah (720Wh) with 21700 Samsung cells Weight: 65 lb (29 kg) Load capacity: 300 lb (136 kg) Rear rack capacity: 130 lb (59 kg) Frame: Aluminum alloy Brakes: Dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes Extras: LCD show with speedometer, artillery gauge, PAS level indicator with five-speed settings, odometer, travel meter, Shimano 8-speed transmission, beforehand and rear LED lights, included high-quality rack and fenders, optional rider package Price: $1,595 ride1up cafe cruiser electrical  bikeCruising on successful style!

The quality of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is that it rides similar a relaxed cruiser bike, yet offers the show of a accelerated and sportier-feeling electrical bike. And arsenic the rider, you person the quality to take however you privation to thrust it each time based connected your temper oregon needs.

Crank it up into precocious pedal assistance levels and deed 28 mph (45 km/h), oregon easiness backmost and cruise effortlessly connected the throttle astatine 20 mph (32 km/h).

Or, driblet it into little pedal assistance levels and get an easy-going workout by casually pedaling on the boardwalk oregon formation path. It’s got truthful overmuch imaginable acknowledgment to its precocious show mixed with laid-back cruiser design.

The pedal guardant layout and wide saddle springiness you a comfy and relaxed geometry, particularly considering the swept backmost handlebars bring the grips close to you and let you to enactment bully and upright successful the saddle alternatively of leaning forward.

The hydraulic beforehand suspension fork and large 26″ x 3″ balloon tires creaseless retired the thrust for everything from boardwalks to quality trails. Those tires are much thoroughfare optimized than anything, which means I didn’t marque large advancement portion trying to thrust done the fluffiest of Florida sweetener sand, but much packed soil would apt beryllium possible.

Even so, the “cafe” portion of the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser prevents it from being a much dedicated soil bike, and you’ll privation to opt for a existent abdominous tyre bike if soil is your thing. But you’ll decidedly beryllium the king of the motorcycle way connected this happening – I definite am.

With 750W of powerfulness (a existent 750W, not conscionable a peak-rated 750W), this makes the motorcycle rather sporty. You don’t lone get up to a precocious velocity of 28 mph, but you get determination quickly. And you’ve got the assurance of punchy hydraulic disc brakes to bring you backmost down to a halt quickly.

I’ve got to springiness the institution props connected the lights, too. While galore companies are inactive holding backmost lights arsenic optional instrumentality oregon forgoing them altogether, the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser includes a almighty and precocious prime 80 lux beforehand headlight and a highly disposable rear process light. These aren’t dinky, inexpensive lights either. They look and consciousness solid, arsenic if they are designed to past for years (or arsenic if Ride1Up doesn’t privation them breaking disconnected and past having to woody with warranty claims). The process airy is adjacent protected by the frame-integrated rear rack, meaning it won’t get caught connected obstacles astir your store oregon motorcycle rack that could hazard knocking it escaped oregon snagging a wire.

ride1up cafe cruiser electrical  bike

Speaking of the rear rack, that’s the “last but not least” large diagnostic I privation to speech about. Not lone is the rack ace sturdy since it is built into the framework itself (helping it execute that monolithic 130 lb oregon 59 kg value standing connected the rack), but it’s the cleanable mounting constituent for the rider package.

This awesome accessory from Ride1Up adds a rear seat spot onto the rack, positive fold retired ft pegs and a wide instrumentality skirt truthful passengers don’t get their sound legs oregon skirt sucked into the rear wheel.

Many companies person present started offering rear seat seats arsenic portion of rider packages, but Ride1Up’s is the champion 1 I’ve seen truthful acold for 1 elemental reason: it has a speedy merchandise to region it. You see, with different rider packages I’ve tried connected competitors’ e-bikes, you person to bolt the seat spot onto the rack. That means if you privation to entree the rack again, specified arsenic for strapping down immoderate cargo oregon adding a beverage crate for impermanent storage, you person to walk respective minutes unbolting the seat seat.

But the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser’s rear spot has a spring-loaded speedy merchandise that allows you popular it connected and propulsion it backmost disconnected successful astir 2 seconds without immoderate tools different than your fingers. It’s rock-solidly attached, but is inactive casual to remove! I emotion it!

ride1up cafe cruiser electrical  bike

And the last kicker is the price, at conscionable $1,595! I don’t cognize however Ride1Up has resisted expanding prices erstwhile truthful galore different US-based electrical bicycle companies have been walking up prices recently, but I’m besides acrophobic to inquire and ruin a bully thing, similar the kid who reminds the teacher that she forgot to delegate homework.

The Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser debuted astatine $1,595 erstwhile it went connected pre-order precocious past year, and present we are 4 months aboriginal successful an inflation-riddled system wherever the lone happening dependable appears to beryllium the terms of Arizona Ice Tea and Ride1Up’s bikes.

Other companies volition merchantability you a batch little e-bike for a batch much money. With what you’re getting successful this electrical motorcycle and what you’re paying, this is immoderate brainsick bully worth if I’ve ever seen it.

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