Rhode Island Teacher Threatens Student for Opposing ‘Equitable’ Effort to ‘De-level’ Classes, Tells Him to ‘Watch His Back’

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A Rhode Island teacher is facing backlash from parents aft sending a threatening email to a pupil who opposed the district’s program to “de-level” classes.

The Barrington School District has removed peculiar needs, honors, and conceptual classes successful the sanction of “equity.”

In an email to a pupil who was outspoken against the plan, teacher Kevin Blanchard implied that his activism was perchance criminal.

“I bash instrumentality discourtesy to you invading my schoolroom space. Your passionateness is noted but your methods verge connected the criminal,” the April email said. “Hope you person a bully play and ticker your back.”

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The pupil had spoken against the de-leveling astatine a schoolhouse committee gathering and circulated a petition among students.

The teacher, a registered Democrat, is the caput of the school’s English department.

Fox News reports that the student’s household pulled him from the people aft the email was received.

“We privation to cognize what Mr. Blanchard’s punishment would be, if any. [Principal] Hurley told america that helium could not archer america due to the fact that it was a idiosyncratic matter,” the parents wrote successful an nonfiction for the section paper, according to a study from Fox News.

Bill Jacobson, a long-time Barrington nonmigratory and laminitis of Legal Insurrection, told Fox News that, “De-leveling is portion of an docket of equalizing outcomes.”

“This equal-results attack stems from captious contention mentation and diversity, equity and inclusion, which posit that unequal outcomes are the effect of systemic bias and discrimination. ‘Equity’ successful peculiar is the codeword for bringing precocious achievers down to equalize outcomes,” Jacobson said. “‘Equity’ has go an unhealthy obsession, and parents are seeing the impact.”

The Gateway Pundit has reached retired to the schoolhouse for remark astir Blanchard’s employment. We volition update this communicative if 1 is provided.