RHOA's Kandi Burruss Reveals What She and Lindsay Lohan Gossip About in Her DMs

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Kandi Burruss Spills JUICY DMs About Khloe Kardashian & More!

She isn't a mean girl, but Lindsay Lohan enjoys a bully gossip session.

So says The Real Housewives of Atlanta prima Kandi Burruss, who spilled the beverage astir her personage DM exchanges connected the latest occurrence of E! News' integer video bid Down successful the DMs.

How did she link with LiLo? Burruss appeared connected play 2 of CBS' Celebrity Big Brother successful 2019 with Lohan's ma Dina. And according to the Bravo star, if you marque bully with her mom, you get Lohan's stamp of approval.

"I was chill with her mom, truthful [Lindsay] was bully to me," Burruss shared, "but she has immoderate not-so-nice things to accidental astir a mates of the others." With celebs specified arsenic Lohan's Mean Girls co-star Jonathan Bennett, vocalist Tamar Braxton, histrion Joey Lawrence and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte among that season's contestants, we can't assistance but wonder which stars were connected Lohan's naughty list.

The histrion isn't the lone celebrated sanction successful Burruss' DMs, arsenic she erstwhile messaged vocalist Ari Lennox astir a imaginable collaboration.

Watch a marque caller occurrence of E! News' integer video bid Down successful the DMs each Thursday connected E!'s YouTube.

"I emotion her arsenic an artist. I emotion her music, truthful I deed her up and I conscionable was like, ‘Hey, are you finished with your medium yet? I would emotion to nonstop you immoderate records oregon person you travel by the studio,'" Burruss said. "She deed maine backmost like, ‘Oh my goodness, I would beryllium truthful honored! I emotion your work!' So, I haven't sent her the songs yet. I was like, ‘Okay, fto maine hold till I get a mates successful and I'm gonna nonstop them to them.'"

The RHOA prima besides loves messaging backmost and distant with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Rasheeda, particularly erstwhile it comes to the latest Kardashians news.

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"There was a post—I conjecture that everybody was showing—of Khloe Kardashian posted her pantry," she said. "I saw her pantry and however everything was stocked similar it's a high-end market store. I was like, ‘Okay, girl,' like, ‘I request to measurement my crippled up.' So, I sent it to Rasheeda. I said, ‘Her pantry makes maine consciousness poor.' And Rasheeda says, ‘I was conscionable looking, like, good damn! My pantry looks similar a porta-potty!''"

The Kandi & the Gang prima besides likes to support her friends up to day connected the latest NSFW personage gossip.

"I nonstop each the brainsick stories, truthful I'll nonstop immoderate chaotic stuff, immoderate I'm seeing that's inappropriate," she joked. "I conjecture a batch of enactment tapes were hitting the internet. Big Sean—his ‘Big Sean' was showing connected Twitter [allegedly]. So, I had to nonstop it to my glam queens."

As for the kinds of DMs she receives, Burruss shared that a batch of them person to bash with her Atlanta restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

"People would DM maine if they had a atrocious acquisition astatine the edifice oregon something, like, ‘Oh, erstwhile I was astatine your restaurant, the girl, she had an attitude. She did this and she did that,' and I'd beryllium like, ‘Okay,'" she shared. "I'll screenshot it and nonstop it to the manager and beryllium like, ‘Who did that?' So, radical get successful occupation erstwhile I spot worldly connected societal media erstwhile they're talking astir definite people."

Check retired the full episode above.

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Watch a marque caller occurrence of E! News' integer video bid Down successful the DMs each Thursday connected E!'s YouTube.