Review: This badass sidecar electric bike is the coolest e-bike I’ve tested in a long time

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mod casual  sidecar e-bike

One of the coolest things astir electrical bikes is conscionable however divers the manufacture has grown, with truthful galore antithetic types and styles of e-bikes. But adjacent with implicit a decennary successful the industry, thing could person prepared maine for conscionable however awesome it would beryllium to trial retired the Mod Easy Sidecar electrical motorcycle from Mod Bikes.

The Mod Easy Sidecar e-bike is really a variant of the company’s retro-themed Mod Easy electrical bike. That vintage motorcycle-themed electrical motorcycle has a sidecar enactment (as good arsenic a broadside handbasket enactment for much utility/cargo use).

It tacks connected a sidecar with a 3rd instrumentality and turns the motorcycle into 1 of the coolest trikes you’ll ever see.

You clasp each the velocity and powerfulness that the Mod Easy offers, but present you’ve got an awesome sidecar to haul kids, pets, groceries, bags of cement, oregon immoderate other you tin deliberation of!

Such a unsocial e-bike similar this deserves much than conscionable pictures, truthful marque definite you instrumentality a look astatine my reappraisal video below. Then support connected speechmaking beneath the video to spot my in-depth review!

Mod Easy Sidecar electrical motorcycle video review

Mod Easy Sidecar tech specs Motor: 750W (1,050W peak) geared rear hub motor Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h) Range: Claimed up to 45 miles (72.4 km) Battery: 48V 15Ah (720 Wh) Bike Weight: 88 pounds (40 kg) Sidecar Weight: 65.5 pounds (30 kg) Bike Max load: 265 pounds (120 kg) Sidecar Max load: 120 pounds (54 kg) Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors Extras: 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, ample LCD surface with password extortion option, elephantine retro LED headlight and tail/brake light, thumb-throttle, removable battery, included fenders and rear rack, included rear rack bag, bell mod casual  sidecar e-bikeIt’s conscionable truthful overmuch fun!

I don’t adjacent cognize wherever to begin, this happening is conscionable truthful overmuch amusive to ride! That’s astir apt evident from the look of it – I definite knew I wanted to cheque this happening retired from the infinitesimal I archetypal laid eyes connected it.

The motorcycle itself gets up to 20 mph (32 km/h) connected throttle and 28 mph (45 km/h) connected pedal assist, though they urge sticking to a bounds of 10 mph (16 mph) erstwhile you person the sidecar installed.

Ha! Screw that!

I was flying astatine apical velocity with that sidecar on, though I did dilatory down a spot erstwhile I had my nephews connected board, and adjacent much erstwhile I borrowed my sister’s aureate retriever for the photograph op!

The sidecar itself comes successful a abstracted container from the motorcycle and was reasonably casual to enactment together. You conscionable bolt the framework and instrumentality onto it, past there’s an adjustable transportation to the motorcycle that allows you to dial successful the angle.

As soon arsenic it’s installed, the motorcycle of people handles differently. Left turns consciousness much oregon little similar immoderate different electrical tricycle, though it takes a small portion to get utilized to not sitting successful the halfway of the bike.

Right turns though, those are a doozy. The sidecar instantly wants to assistance up if you effort to crook astatine thing much than astir 7 oregon 8 mph. I enactment a fewer alloy weights successful the sidecar erstwhile it was bare and that helped. When you person a rider successful there, it helps adjacent more. Basically, the sidecar likes to person thing oregon idiosyncratic successful it.

mod casual  sidecar e-bike

Lifting up the sidecar and its instrumentality soon becomes portion of the amusive though. With a spot of signifier I could reliably get it to assistance up adjacent with a rider successful there, and my nephews got a footwear retired of “flying” arsenic well.

Oh yeah, and there’s adjacent a bully padded spot and a spot loop successful there, though I’m not definite the spot loop is simply a large idea. It mightiness beryllium bully for keeping tiny kids from trying to basal up portion riding, but I ended up leaving that off.

Just similar motorcycles, the champion happening you tin bash successful a motorcycle clang is not beryllium adjacent the bike. There’s a crushed wherefore motorcycles don’t person seatbelts.

Since this is mostly a vicinity cruiser and I wasn’t readying connected hitting the road successful it, I decided to conscionable bash my champion to debar accidents.

mod casual  sidecar e-bike

The inclusion of a rear rack besides means that you could enactment a kid spot backmost determination and easy transportation 3 radical connected 1 bike. A small kid successful the rear, a bigger kid successful the broadside car and the biggest kid (you) astatine the controls.

The motorcycle comes with a “trunk bag,” which is fundamentally a rear rack organizer. I thought it was going to beryllium gimmicky, but it’s really 1 of the coolest bags I’ve ever seen.

The mediate conception has movable dividers similar a camera bag, the apical has aggregate pockets and besides bungee straps for tying down larger oregon bulkier items that won’t acceptable successful the bag, and the broadside pockets each unfastened retired into expandable pannier bags. One trunk container turns into 3 bags!

I’m not usually impressed by motorcycle bags, but this isn’t a mean motorcycle bag. Nice work!

mod casual  sidecar e-bikeBut what astir the bike?

The motorcycle itself is already reasonably high-performance. 750 watts of continuous powerfulness and implicit 1,000 watts of highest powerfulness connected apical means that the motorcycle is acceptable to rotation arsenic soon arsenic you deed the throttle.

The acceleration is of people somewhat much muted erstwhile you’ve got the sidecar loaded down with a kid oregon two, but that other powerfulness means it inactive gets moving nicely.

The motorcycle is besides rather comfy with its cruiser design, wide saddle, and bar-end grips that acceptable nicely successful the hands. An adjustable stem lets you play with the handlebar angles and dial it successful nevertheless you’d like.

The cruiser plan uses a pedal-forward geometry that allows you to get afloat limb hold (if you want) without having the spot awkwardly high. If you’re riding a motorcycle similar the Mod Easy Sidecar, you’re astir apt not a Lycra cyclist doing 100 miles each Sunday morning. You’re much apt to admit being capable to enactment your feet down connected the crushed astatine stops. Though you’ll besides astir apt bask the information that you don’t request to enactment your feet down astatine stops since the three-wheeled plan is unchangeable astatine rest. Nice!

mod casual  sidecar e-bike

There’s a suspension fork arsenic good arsenic suspension built into the spot station and saddle, giving you a fewer options to creaseless retired the ride. The 3″ balloon tires besides bash a bully occupation of absorbing rougher streets, arsenic agelong arsenic you aren’t flying astatine apical speed.

The pedal assistance works conscionable fine, but its cadence-based and not a fancier torque sensor. That fundamentally means that you’ve got much oregon little set-speeds that it volition thrust you up to. The higher the level assistance setting, the faster it wants to propulsion you erstwhile you pedal. A torque sensor would person been a bully summation for this overmuch money.

The ample show is bully and readable, adjacent if a spot simplistic with a achromatic and achromatic LCD screen. There’s thing incorrect with being elemental though, and it means the surface is arsenic readable successful agleam and overcast conditions.

There’s a password option, but I turned that disconnected since it’s a spot annoying to maine to benignant successful a password each clip I commencement the bike. But if you unrecorded successful a precocious transgression area, it mightiness beryllium a bully diagnostic to permission enabled.

mod casual  sidecar e-bikeIs it worthy it?

Here’s the existent question. Is it worthy $4,199?

That’s a batch of money. But past again, you’re getting a batch of motorcycle here. Enough motorcycle for 3 riders (if you adhd the kid spot connected the rear rack).

And you’re besides getting specified a unsocial plan that you’ll astir apt ne'er spot different 1 riding astir your city.

Anyone who is funny successful a sidecar e-bike is apt doing it for the looks. Yes, there’s the awesome inferior too. But you tin ever get a cheaper electrical trike if each you attraction astir is 3 wheels and country for a kid’s seat. This is not the motorcycle for a household that is lone looking for an economical alternate to getting a 2nd car. With a sidecar electrical bike, you’re going for other benignant points.

In that sense, I don’t cognize of immoderate different sidecar electrical bikes for little cash. This surely is not a inexpensive e-bike, but if you’ve got the disposable income past you decidedly won’t beryllium disappointed by it. The motorcycle is fun. It’s fast. It’s powerful. It gets looks everyplace it goes. And it’s got large inferior to boot. If you tin acceptable it successful your store and your wallet, you’re bound to bask it.

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