Review: Lion Energy Safari ME gives your home (or off-grid site) a massive battery and solar panel package

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I precocious had the accidental to trial retired the Lion Energy Safari ME portable powerfulness station on with the monolithic artillery enlargement battalion and star sheet package. I don’t accidental this lightly: This is THE high-capacity portable powerfulness presumption I’d privation to bring with maine to an off-grid cabin, campsite, oregon adjacent to person successful my store successful lawsuit of a earthy disaster.

Having lived done astir a week of Hurricane Irma-induced powerfulness blackout aft taking a nonstop oculus deed successful September 2017, I person a definite appreciation for off-grid powerfulness generation.

At the clip I charged up each the electrical motorcycle batteries I had connected manus successful the hours earlier the tempest deed and jury-rigged a play cart DC-DC converter to a 12VDC to 110VAC inverter to propulsion utile 110V powerfulness from the batteries.

But those e-bike batteries lone lasted maine a time and a fractional of sparing use, including keeping the container fans connected debased powerfulness mounting (did I notation Florida successful precocious summer?). The remainder of the week was a blistery and miserable messiness until powerfulness was yet restored.

If I could spell backmost and bash 1 happening differently, it would beryllium to person a clip instrumentality and bring the Lion Safari ME kit with me. Because this happening is fundamentally everything you request to unrecorded similar a king whether during a powerfulness outage oregon thriving miles distant from the nearest electrical lines.

lion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    review

The main portion of the strategy is the Lion Safari ME itself. This is the afloat self-contained powerfulness station, which includes a 922 Wh artillery and a 2 kW AC inverter that tin enactment retired 4 kW of highest power. There are besides a mates beefy drawback handles connected the unit, which marque it casual (or easier) to lug the 45 lb (20 kg) instrumentality around.

It gives you 2 110VAC outlets that are tied into its axenic sine question inverter, positive you get 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C PD ports (one for 18W and 1 for 60W), a 12V cigaret lighter outlet (rated up to 15A DC), and a 12V Anderson Powerpole outlet (rated up to 25A DC) for immoderate 12V devices you privation to power.

Each output has its ain powerfulness power to crook it connected oregon disconnected (saving powerfulness erstwhile not utilizing definite outputs) and there’s a main powerfulness switch. There’s besides a colour surface that lets you cognize what’s going connected successful the unit.

So acold everything is looking great, though I would person loved to spot different mates 110V AC outlets. Two outlets seems a spot low, though of people you could besides plug successful a powerfulness strip.

While everything truthful acold has been beauteous modular among powerfulness stations, present it’s clip to buckle up due to the fact that we’re heading into uncharted territory. I’ve tested a heap of these powerfulness stations, but the Lion Safari ME has immoderate precise chill features that I haven’t seen connected others yet.

First of all, there’s nary charging ceramic to support way of (or to lose). The AC charger for juicing up the instrumentality from your partition outlet is built into the powerfulness presumption itself. You conscionable propulsion the AC plug retired the backmost and jam it into your partition outlet. Done.

It’s besides a ace accelerated charger, filling the instrumentality successful nether and hr and a half! If you forgot to apical it up and abruptly you get connection of a tornado warning, you could conceivably person the happening afloat charged earlier the archetypal two-by-four comes done your surviving country window.

The portion is besides built with LiFePO4 artillery cells to springiness it a longevity standing of astatine slightest 2,000 cycles alternatively of the emblematic 500-800 cycles of Li-ion cells utilized successful astir different powerfulness stations.

Next, there’s a monolithic larboard connected the back, which leads maine to the adjacent coolest portion of this kit: the ME-XP enlargement unit.

This enlargement portion is sized to acceptable close connected apical of the main Safari ME betwixt the transportation handles and adds 2,048 Wh to springiness you a full of astir 3 kWh of stored capacity.

The connector cablegram is built into the backmost of the XP, which sticks with the taxable of including everything arsenic connected hardware truthful you don’t misplace oregon suffer bits and pieces of the kit.

There’s adjacent a recess to store the chunky cablegram successful the backmost erstwhile you don’t person the 2 units connected. That makes it easier to store against the backmost partition oregon your store oregon successful a closet, since the anaconda-thick cord won’t bent retired of the back. They truly thought of everything here.

With 3,000 Wh of combined capableness betwixt the 2 units, you could tally the necessities successful your location for a afloat time oregon more, and you astir apt person mode much capableness than you’d request for a emblematic off-grid cabin.

But I’m not adjacent done yet, due to the fact that the full happening tin beryllium recharged with up to six star panels daisy chained together.

lion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    review

Lion Energy’s 24V 100W star panels are pre-wired to enactment with the kit (though you could plug them into thing that accepts a 24V star panel, if you conscionable wanted the star panels themselves).

They person their ain neoprene carrying lawsuit to support them, and they usage double-walled aluminum operation alternatively of the integrative lodging I’ve seen successful each different portable folding star sheet I’ve tested.

These panels are mode much rugged than I’m utilized to, with afloat locking metallic closures and a folding metallic grip to marque them casual to carry. The panels adjacent person adjustable-angle aluminum enactment arms truthful you tin get the nonstop space you privation to optimize the star powerfulness procreation of the panels. Most different companies person integrative enactment arms that don’t fto you alteration the space of the panels, and it’s rather evident to maine that the physique prime of these panels is acold and supra thing other I’ve tested.

With a maximum of six panels connected together, the panels recharge astatine up to 600W of power. That would substance up the main Safari ME portion successful little than 2 hours oregon the combined Safari ME and ME-XP enlargement portion unneurotic successful little than six hours. In different words, a afloat time of prima would support you ever topped up with the quality to supply 4,000 watts of highest powerfulness and 3,000 Wh of vigor astatine your fingertips. And since the portion tin bash good implicit 2,000 cycles, you could adjacent usage it for your primary, mundane star vigor instrumentality for years and years successful an off-grid compartment script earlier you’d adjacent statesman to marque a dent successful its capacity.

lion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    review

There are adjacent subtle plan notes that are conscionable large communal consciousness inclusions, similar the grip plan connected some units. The dense boxes person bully large handles for a bully grip, but they some stay either dispersed acold isolated oregon really fold level truthful you tin inactive spot different cogwheel connected apical of the units. Many different powerfulness stations person molded handles successful the apical that forestall you from utilizing the apical arsenic an impromptu array oregon prep surface. I emotion that Lion Energy doesn’t rob you a level spot to remainder a publication oregon a hammer oregon a (tightly closed) h2o bottle. The handles connected the bottommost portion are besides inactive accessible erstwhile the enlargement battalion is sitting connected top. The 2 boxes measurement 90 lb (42 kg) together, truthful carrying them piggyback benignant isn’t fun, but I could inactive prime them up and waddle them astir similar a dense h2o bucket without needing to abstracted them acknowledgment to the handles remaining accessible connected the little unit. That’s immoderate bully plan forethought.

I effort not to beryllium hyperbolic, but this is perfectly 1 of the champion high-power and high-capacity star powerfulness generators I’ve tested to date. The lone existent downside is this the price. You’ve got to wage for each of this convenience and prime construction, and you’ll wage handsomely.

The main Safari ME basal presumption is priced astatine $2,349. If you adhd the enlargement pack, the brace volition cost you $3,995. Then determination are those high-quality star panels that are priced astatine $299 each. However, we’re told by Lion Energy that utilizing our Electrek links supra volition use an automatic 15% discount to the price, which worked erstwhile I tested them.

It is just to accidental that successful presumption of dollar per watt hr connected the powerfulness presumption oregon dollar per watt connected the star panels, this surely is not the champion bang for your buck. But past again, it isn’t meant to be.

There are cheaper ways to get vigor retention oregon star power. The Lion Energy strategy isn’t designed to beryllium cheaper. It’s designed beryllium better, arsenic successful much convenient to usage and with higher physique quality. It works better, lasts longer, and is astir apt adjacent cheaper successful the agelong tally erstwhile you origin successful the importantly longer rhythm life. But up front, ohio man, that’s a batch of dough to fork over!

lion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    reviewlion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    reviewlion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    reviewlion vigor  safari maine  powerfulness  presumption    review

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