Review: CellPowa 2500 launched as massive off-grid battery power station, and we tested it!

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BigBlue antecedently chopped its teeth connected a fig of greenish vigor and powerfulness proviso products, including a modestly sized 500Wh portable powerfulness presumption and folding star panel. But present the institution is launching a much larger powerfulness station, the CellPowa2500, which tin apt powerfulness conscionable astir thing you own, beryllium it AC oregon DC.

Right disconnected the bat, I’ll archer you that this is simply a Kickstarter. They’re pre-selling their newest exemplary connected Kickstarter.

I’ve ever operated by 2 rules erstwhile it comes to crowdfunding projects: I won’t screen them unless 1) the institution is already a palmy cognition that is presently delivering different products, oregon 2) the institution lets maine trial the instrumentality archetypal to verify that it’s legit. In this case, BigBlue qualified connected some fronts.

They’ve got immoderate bully smaller portable powerfulness stations arsenic good arsenic portable star panels that they already banal connected Amazon. But I besides got to walk immoderate prime clip plugging everything I could find successful the tract into the caller CellPowa2500 to spot if I could overload it.

Spoiler alert: I couldn’t.

That’s due to the fact that not lone tin it enactment retired 2500W of AC powerfulness continuously, but it tin adjacent proviso bursts of up to 5,000W.

I tried to propulsion the happening hard by plugging arsenic galore devices into it arsenic I could.

I started with my Sur Ron electrical ungraded bike. Then came an electrical bicycle. That was followed up my a CyberQuad for Kids.

Together they pushed the powerfulness adjacent to 1,000W.

Next I plugged successful my electrical pickup truck, shooting the powerfulness to astir 1,600W.

I was moving retired of “in the field” devices to plug in, and settled connected my powerfulness drill charger and past my walkie talkie charger.

The information determination are adjacent six outlets to let maine to plug successful that galore AC-powered devices is already a immense triumph for this thing.

But adjacent with six devices, I was hardly implicit fractional mode to reaching the CellPowa2500’s max continuous powerfulness draw, and hardly a 4th of the mode to its max highest powerfulness draw.

And that was conscionable the AC side! Flipping the instrumentality astir reveals 2 USB-A ports, 4 USB-C ports, 2 12V tube plug ports, and a 12V cigaret lighter port. Plus determination are 3 12V inputs for star panels.

BigBlue adjacent has its ain 200W star panels that tin beryllium combined for a full of six panels and 1200W of input powerfulness to the device!

So needless to say, there’s a batch of capableness successful this 1,843 Wh battery, and there’s a batch of ports to gully that vigor out.

The lone 2 large downsides look to beryllium that the instrumentality is rather dense astatine 55 lb. (25 kg) and that the surface is not precise agleam successful sunlight.

When I’m indoors, the colour surface looks great. But outside, you person to get your look adjacent to it successful bid to work the text.

The value mightiness beryllium partially owed to the information that they utilized LiFePO4 cells alternatively of Li-ion cells. Those are heavier, but they person the added payment of being astir fireproof and besides lasting fundamentally everlastingly (or 3,000 cycles, which is astir forever).

And astatine slightest determination are 2 comfy handles for lugging the dense instrumentality around.

Oh, and I ne'er did find the walkie talkie relation that the owner’s manual discussed, contempt determination seemingly being a talker and microphone built into the CellPowa2500. I did find the GPS relation though, which is beauteous cool. Perhaps the intercom/radio diagnostic requires the app, and I wasn’t capable to trial the app since I person an iPhone and the companion app is presently lone disposable for Android.

But if they tin get that two-way vigor diagnostic figured retired and rotation retired the iOS app soon, that would beryllium killer.

The past large diagnostic is the price. The instrumentality whitethorn transportation an MSRP of $1,999, but it’s got an aboriginal vertebrate pre-order terms of conscionable $999 for the archetypal 300 orders, and past everyone other that partakes successful the pre-order inactive gets a beauteous awesome $1,199 terms adjacent if you miss the ace aboriginal vertebrate discount.

Considering that astir powerfulness stations these days outgo astir $1/wh, this could easy beryllium a astir $2K device. But $999 is simply a opus for the capacity, power, and functionality of the CellPowa2500.

I’m gladsome to spot prices similar these headed successful the close direction, making these portable powerfulness stations much affordable for everyone, particularly since they’re truthful utile for off-grid and exigency situations.

Who needs a stinky state generator gathering particulate successful the country of the store erstwhile you could beryllium utilizing folding star panels and a large backup artillery similar this each day!?

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