Rescue operation underway in Mariupol as Russian forces enter steel plant

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Civilians stay trapped successful Mariupol

Civilians stay trapped successful Mariupol 02:28

A 3rd rescue cognition is underway successful Mariupol to assistance the remaining Ukrainian civilians trapped wrong a besieged alloy plant, the Red Cross told CBS News. Ukraine's subject says Russian troops are now wrong the plant — the past stronghold of the city's defenders.

Hundreds of civilians stay trapped successful the mediate of what has go a combat to the decease astatine the alloy works successful Mariupol. The civilian rescue cognition is underway pursuing the palmy evacuation of much than 400 civilians past week.

Ukraine Russia Smoke rises from the Metallurgical Combine Azovstal successful Mariupol, successful territory nether the authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic, eastbound Ukraine, Wednesday, May 4, 2022. Alexei Alexandrov / AP

International Committee of the Red Cross spokesperson Chris Hanger called it a "very hard and unsafe operation."

"It's an progressive conflict," helium said. "The routes mightiness beryllium dangerous. There mightiness beryllium progressive warring ongoing successful the surrounding areas."

Although warring continues successful Mariupol, Russian violative has already moved connected from the coastal city. A U.S. authoritative tells CBS News astir 10,000 troops person pushed north, portion of an beforehand that has swallowed towns successful its path.

One of those towns is Azov, located conscionable northbound of Mariupol. The Malnychenko household told CBS News they escaped with their lives. 

After surviving the massacre successful Bucha, Yuka Malnychenko begged her household to fly from the south.

"I was conscionable saying 'Please, get retired of there. Please, conscionable leave!'" Malnychenko said.

She said, smiling and hugging her brother, that her household is present reunited.

Despite Russia's persistent onslaught, Ukrainian forces are holding the enactment — though determination is further U.S. quality to suggest that Russia volition effort to forcibly annex the eastbound regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, arsenic good arsenic the confederate metropolis of Kherson, successful the coming weeks.

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