Renault’s new delivery solution combines electric van, bike, and drone

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A drone has been factored into Renault’s all-electric transportation solution alongside a battery-powered van and e-bike to licence companies to transport goods to bustling metropolis centers without leaving a measurable c footprint.

This week Renault Truck’s UK unit unveiled the E-Tech Master OptiModale transportation product, which outfits an electrical van with a battery-powered bicycle and drone to supply the fullest scope of non-polluting options to get ordered products to customers. The thought is arsenic elemental arsenic it is complete. 

The van is utilized to thrust goods warehoused successful outer areas to get them person into metropolis centers, wherever postulation and parking often go a problem. From there, the e-bike is loaded with parcels for last-mile(s) transport to respective destinations successful the aforesaid zone. In cases wherever orders involve medication, fragile, oregon urgently needed goods – oregon to places with hard roadworthy entree – the drones are deployed for speedy flights to marque deliveries.

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The sustainable conception was designed and commissioned by Renault Trucks, and rolled retired by its UK and Ireland division. It combines a 3.8-ton, 33kWh battery-powered E-Tech Master van, an eBullitt electrical cargo bike, and a transportation drone manufactured by English specialist UAVTEK. That comparatively short-hop aerial enactment tin transport up to 2 kilos of payload, with the e-bike taking connected a maximum of 100 kilos.

“The all-new Renault Trucks E-Tech Master OptiModale addresses the pressing request to amended aerial prime and contamination successful our cities portion improving accessibility and productivity for operators,” says Renault Trucks UK & Ireland enforcement Grahame Neagus. “By harnessing aggregate modes of electrical transport, this is an all-in-one sustainable solution that is acceptable to alteration the rapidly increasing parcel market, and tin beryllium replicated anyplace successful the world.”

The three-in-one delivery package is intended for usage by 2 people. When afloat loaded, the e-bike tin connection 31 miles of powerfulness assisted riding, and beryllium recharged successful 4 hours erstwhile affixed successful presumption connected the broadside of the truck. A heliport pad facilitating drone departures and landings is fastened supra that space. The van has artillery autonomy of astir 80 miles.

“Optimodale delivers an innovative last-mile solution and is simply a wide illustration of the breadth and extent of our thinking, providing Renault Trucks logistics customers with a sustainable solution from 2 kg each the mode up to 45 tons,” Neagus says.

It’s unclear however soon Renault plans to instrumentality the level into wide production, oregon unfastened it up to sales. Given the inactive aboriginal signifier of drone transportation development, for example, it whitethorn instrumentality a portion earlier regularisation frees the anticipation of regular UAV flights supra galore of the world’s cities, and permits non-specialized operators to instrumentality the controls.

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