Reliving Stranger Things' Most Memorable Haircuts From Chic to Cruel

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Stranger Things: Winona Ryder REACTS to Millie's New Look

A haircut tin marque oregon interruption a look.

And with Stranger Things continuing to excavation each the top hits from the '80s archives, fans person been treated to conscionable astir each look, from large mohawks to gravity-defying perms.

Heading into play four, the show's hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul had the other task of crafting styles for new characters, including the California-based characters, ones like Argyle and Angela, who were a acold outcry from Indiana. "In California, we person bigger, looser hairsbreadth shags, and Hawkins would beryllium sticking to the tighter perms, the shorter hairdos... they're a small spot stuck," she explained to Netflix's Tudum. "There's inactive a small spot of that '70s power going connected successful Hawkins, whereas arsenic soon arsenic we spell to California, you are conscionable successful the '80s—full-blown."

As portion of her work, Hindsgaul aimed to person Eddie (Joseph Quinn) emulate Iron Maiden and Venom rockers, while Chrissy (Amybeth McNulty) channeled Molly Ringwald's Sixteen Candles character. 

Look backmost at season four's Stranger Things hairstyles, from chic to cruel:

Courtesy of Netflix


This pizza transportation man's hairsbreadth is rad for much than 1 reason. In summation to being steadfast and lush, it's incredibly long, a feat that is seldom achieved by adjacent the astir dedicated of growers. In different words, Argyle is hairsbreadth goals.

Courtesy of Netflix

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy's hairsbreadth is each astir volume in play four. As Sarah told Tudum, "We burned those perms into the wigs, similar it had been near connected a small excessively long, conscionable truthful we got that crispness, and past we conscionable brushed it out. That's however you get each that beauteous volume."

While a bit too large astatine times, Nancy's hairsbreadth is enviable and deserving of apical three.


Eddie Munson

The Hellfire Club president (Joseph Quinn) gives disconnected a devil-may-care cognition with his shaggy haircut, which perfectly matches his personality. He definitely slays successful this grunge look (pun intended).

Courtesy of Netflix


Understandably, Eleven isn't up to day successful the manner section since she was raised successful a laboratory but we were inactive hoping she'd clasp her longer locks and cute bangs this season. That being said, the character does look like a younger Winona Ryder, who did a treble instrumentality erstwhile she saw Millie Bobby Brown successful her wig. "It was chaotic seeing her similar that," Winona told E! News. "When I was that age, I had dyed-black [hair], goth going on. But determination is decidedly a resemblance." 

Courtesy of Netflix

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas' high-top slice isn't moving the needle for america but it's cleanable for the nerd-turned-jock successful play four. 

Courtesy of Netflix

Mike Wheeler

While somewhat current, Mike's shaggy vessel chopped isn't exactly the norm among Gen Z. For this reason, he's ranking third to past successful our database of chic to cruel.

Courtesy of Netflix

Jonathan Byers

In each honesty, this look isn't doing overmuch for viewers. It's neither outrageous nor jaw-dropping. Instead, it falls determination successful the middle—just similar Jonathan.


Will Byers

Even aft moving to California, Will has stuck to the vessel cut. All we tin accidental is, we anticipation his trendier peers person an power connected him—stat!

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