Recovering from a mass shooting

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Recovering from a wide shooting

One twelvemonth aft a wide shooting, a young unfortunate recovers 02:45

These videos were primitively published connected November 5, 2018, 1 twelvemonth aft the shooting astatine the First Baptist Church.

It has been much than 3 years since Ryland Ward's beingness astir ended, since the time a gunman entered the First Baptist Church successful Sutherland Springs, Texas and killed 26 people, including Ryland's stepmother, Joann. She was changeable much than 20 times arsenic she shielded her children. Her daughters, Emily and Brooke, didn't marque it, but Ryland and his stepsister, Rihanna, survived.  

Assistant occurrence main Rusty Duncan, a archetypal responder connected the scene, recovered Ryland that day. He had been changeable 5 times—one coiled for each twelvemonth of his abbreviated life—and the injuries helium sustained from the AR-15 benignant firearm were extensive. When Rusty carried him retired of the church, different medic assumed Ryland was already dormant and pulled retired a achromatic tag. In triage, a achromatic tag is utilized to people the deceased and those whose injuries are truthful extended they volition not past treatment. But Rusty refused to enactment a achromatic tag connected the young lad successful his arms.

When 60 Minutes met Ryland 1 twelvemonth later, it had taken 24 surgeries to repair his arm, leg, pelvis, intestines, kidney, bladder and hip—but helium was surviving. And with the assistance of therapy, doctors were moving to marque definite his betterment was much than physical.

"He's a delightful kid, you know, afloat of life, afloat of energy," Dr. Donna Roybal, a kid and teen psychiatrist and the manager of a pediatric PTSD session astatine University Hospital successful San Antonio, said astatine the time. "Definitely has a batch of those resilient factors, that resiliency that you privation you could vessel up successful immoderate ways. But [he] besides struggles, arsenic you would expect a kid who has gone done that would have."

Ryland began psychiatric attraction precise soon aft the shooting. At University Hospital, Dr. Roybal acceptable up her session successful the aforesaid determination arsenic pediatric trauma surgeon Dr. Lillian Liao, who besides treated Ryland. The proximity made it easier for patients similar Ryland to mates psychiatric attraction with their aesculapian care.

In her treatment, Dr. Roybal utilized trauma-focused play therapy. As Ryland explored the toys successful the room, Dr. Roybal analyzed his feelings from however helium played and what helium played with. During 1 appointment, Ryland played with an ambulance—which was a bully sign, according to Dr. Roybal.

"He wasn't acrophobic to play with it," Dr. Roybal told analogous Scott Pelley successful the video above. "Some kids don't privation to deliberation astir what happened to them astatine each and volition debar that artifact entirely."

When Dr. Roybal straight asked Ryland astir his feelings, helium usually told her helium felt happy. But that wasn't the emotion helium felt the most. His predominant feeling typically swung betwixt bittersweet and angry. Dr. Roybal said her task astatine the clip was to assistance him process what happened truthful helium could mitigate those emotions.

"Part of our occupation is to assistance him recognize and marque consciousness of it successful his satellite truthful that he's not angry, truthful that he's not bittersweet to the constituent wherever it's going to interfere with his life," Dr. Roybal said.

"He's not a quitter"
"He's not a quitter" 01:42

On November 5, 2017, Rusty Duncan, a archetypal responder, didn't cognize anyone was live erstwhile helium cautiously stepped done the aftermath of the shooting astatine the First Baptist Church. Then, a tiny manus reached retired and grabbed his sound leg. It was Ryland, lying retired of show underneath his stepmother.

"When I pulled Ryland retired of the church, it was astir similar thing other crossed my mind," Rusty said successful the video above. "Like, I didn't deliberation astir anybody else. I didn't adjacent cognize Ryland. But for immoderate crushed that day, I didn't deliberation of anybody other the full time."

Rusty hasn't been capable to hide Ryland since that November morning. After visiting Ryland successful the hospital, Rusty has taken him to the movies and invited him implicit to play with his ain children. Today, helium considers them "friends for life."

Rusty adjacent taught his caller person martial arts astatine his adjacent studio. Ryland, a lad whose injuries were truthful sedate that a medic assigned him a achromatic tag, tin present interruption boards with his hands and feet.

"He's not a quitter," Rusty said. "He's not acrophobic to effort caller things. Yeah, he's beauteous amazing."

To ticker Scott Pelley's study astir the guns utilized successful wide shootings, similar the 1 astatine the First Baptist Church, click here.

The video astatine the apical of the leafage was edited by Sarah Shafer Prediger. The embedded video was edited by Will Croxton.  They were primitively published connected November 5, 2018.

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