Rapper Lil Keed Dead at 24

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Lil Keed, a rising prima successful the Atlanta rap country who was signed to Young Thug's YSL Records, has died astatine the property of 24. Find retired much below.

Rapper Lil Keed Dead astatine 24

The euphony satellite is mourning the nonaccomplishment of a rising star.  

Atlanta rapper Lil Keed died connected May 13 astatine the property of 24, according to Complex. The origin of decease is not known astatine this time.   

The "Oh My God" rapper's passing was first confirmed online by his younger brother, Lil Gotit, who posted an affectional Instagram tribute successful the aboriginal hours of Saturday morning.  

"Can't judge I seened u dice contiguous bro I did each my cries," helium captioned a photograph of him and Lil Keed. "I cognize what u privation maine to bash and that's spell hard for Mama Daddy Our Brothers Naychur and Whiteboy #ImaHoldthisS—tDown." 

On his Instagram Story, Lil Gotit, existent name Semaja Render, grieved the nonaccomplishment of his older brother, writing, "Whyyy bra whyyy u permission maine bra." 

"All state nary brakes nary much playin," helium continued. "I got u Keed!" 

Born Raqhid Render, Lil Keed was signed to Young Thug's YSL Records and roseate to prominence wrong the Atlanta rap country with aggregate hits including "Oh My God" and "Nameless." He is survived by his daughter, Naychur.   

In an Instagram post, Lil Keed's partner, Quana Bandz, mourned his passing and seemingly shared that she is large with the couple's 2nd child.  

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"I emotion you sooooo overmuch baby," she wrote successful part. "What I'm station to bash with retired you I can't respire close slumber close thing I don't adjacent wanna speech to cipher Keed I can't instrumentality this wherefore you permission US bru. What americium I expected to archer Naychur? What americium I gone archer our caller babe ?" 

She added, "You was my fellow my champion person my slime my duplicate my thrust oregon die!" 

Shortly aft the announcement of his passing, fans began to instrumentality to societal media to retrieve the "Rockstar" artist.  

One instrumentality tweeted, "Rip lil keed antheral Long Live Mexico 1 of my favourite albums ever." 

 Others shared the heartbreak they felt at hearing the news.  

"Yes one get depressed erstwhile creator one fw walk away. nary one ne'er met them successful existent beingness but that euphony beryllium making you consciousness that connection," a 2nd instrumentality explained. "i wanna spot everyone doing good and win truthful erstwhile quality similar this comes retired it breaks my heart. remainder up lil keed and prayers retired to each your people." 

And a third added, "Rip lil keed. privation the champion for his friends and family." 

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