Raldey MT-V3 electric skateboard review: This beginner board is even better on CloudWheels

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The $449 Raldey MT-V3 electrical longboard is simply a worthy enactment for beginners venturing into electric skateboarding. While the scope leaves a spot to beryllium desired, this beginner committee offers a prime thrust with assorted velocity settings you tin enactment up to, conscionable don’t effort to instrumentality it excessively acold disconnected the beaten path… adjacent with the CloudWheels I besides tested.

The Raldey MT-V3 Electric Longboard

The MT-V3 is electrical skateboard shaper Raldey’s simplest and astir affordable enactment successful its existent lineup. This makes consciousness considering it is marketed arsenic a beginner board. After investigating it retired for a mates of weeks, I won’t disagree either.

That being said, this electrical skateboard from Raldey offers plentifulness of spell from a prime committee astatine a tenable price. The modular $449 MT-V3 bundle comes with everything you request to thrust including an easy-to-use distant controller, charger, and tools to swap wheels.

Speaking of wheels, the MT-V3 comes modular with 97 mm polyester urethane (PU) wheels, but has an disposable upgrade to 105 mm CloudWheel donuts, upping the bundle terms to $588. I got to trial retired the CloudWheels excessively and judge $588 is inactive a just deal.

At the extremity of the day, however, it’s up to you to determine if this Raldey electrical skateboard is close for you and your riding style, truthful let’s excavation into immoderate of the specs.

Technical Specs Max Speed:  29 mph (45 km/h) Range:  Up to 12 Miles Rated power:  900W*2 Waterproof Rating:  IP55 Charging time:  3-4 hours Max Climbing Grade: 30% Max power: 1,500W*2 Battery Capacity: 10S3P 7.2AH (modular, swappable) Trucks: 45 ° 9 inches Wheels:  97 mm PU wheel CloudWheel Upgrade: 105 mm multi-step tread pattern Weight: 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs) Length: 980mm Maximum value limit: 240 lbs Deck: 8-Layer Bamboo and Canada Maple (T6 vigor treated)

The Raldey MT-V3 electrical skateboard is besides operable successful 4 abstracted thrust modes, controlled by the casual to usage remote. Each offers a antithetic velocity and powerfulness level, truthful if you’re a beginner, you tin commencement dilatory and enactment your mode up. Speed modes interruption down arsenic follows:

Low: 8 mph Mid: 16 mph Hi: 29 mph Pro: 29 mph with maximum torque

I personally spent a bulk of my clip successful Mid-mode, since I recovered Low mode excessively dilatory unless I was going down a steep diminution oregon riding done a heavy congested area. The velocity leap to Hi mode is besides a larger spread than betwixt Low to Mid, but I did find myself successful Hi mode connected unfastened roads erstwhile I truly wanted to get immoderate speed.

In the instauration of my video below, I mistakenly accidental the MT-V3’s apical velocity is 28 mph. It’s really 29 mph, but 28 was arsenic precocious arsenic I could get it with my weight.

You’ll besides announcement successful the video that the reverse fastener connected the controller does not really power to reverse mode, but alternatively switches betwixt velocity modes. I person since travel to larn that clicking the powerfulness fastener doubly initiates reverse mode. So the MT-V3 tin spell successful reverse contempt what I thought, the distant is conscionable confusing.

CloudWheels and Performance

Again, arsenic you’ll announcement successful the video below, the CloudWheels gave maine a small occupation erstwhile I tried to swap them successful to regenerate the modular PU wheels. The beforehand wheels were nary occupation astatine all, but correctly lining up each of the 5 pins successful the rear centrifugal assembly was a task successful itself.

Still, the CloudWheel upgrade is worthy the wealth successful my opinion, arsenic the multi-step tread absorbs mode much of the roadworthy texture than the PU wheels. Although the CloudWheels accidental “all-terrain” connected them, they are much similar glorified thoroughfare wheels than tin grip bumps, cracks, and potholes. Even with the upgraded wheels, the MT-V3 is not built for writer oregon off-roading. That being said, Raldey does merchantability higher-end electrical skateboards with those capabilities.

Overall, I deliberation the show of the MT-V3 is connected par for its terms arsenic a beginner board. The quality to spell up to 29 mph (or 28 successful my experience) could beryllium enticing for beginners, due to the fact that that’s a beauteous accelerated velocity you tin enactment your mode up to erstwhile you’re comfy successful Low and Mid mode.

The 12 mile scope leaves a spot to beryllium desired, and I recovered that the committee had occupation getting up steeper inclines, which usually besides required a footwear propulsion oregon immoderate erstwhile momentum. Raldey lone advertises 30% people for inclines, truthful that feels astir close from my experience. There conscionable wasn’t immoderate constituent wherever you consciousness the motors truly footwear successful during a climb, adjacent connected Pro mode. It got up each hill, conscionable slowly.

In my opinion, the brakes connected this Raldey committee were apical notch and volition surely payment the beginner riders this electrical skateboard was designed for. No substance the decline, the MT-V3 brakes combined with the distant successful your manus gives you implicit power of your speed.

There’s plentifulness much I speech astir successful my afloat video review, truthful cheque it retired below:

Raldey MT-V3 video review

Check retired the Raldey MT-V3 electrical skateboard for yourself

As I antecedently mentioned, the Raldey MT-V3 electrical skateboard for beginners is on merchantability for $449 including the PU wheels.

If you’d similar the upgraded committee with CloudWheels (you do), that currently costs $588. Don’t hide to use promo codification SCOOTERDOLL for a whopping $10 disconnected your purchase.

Remember to thrust safely, deterioration a helmet, and person arsenic overmuch amusive arsenic possible.

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